Saturday, 6 December 2014

Neon Bone - You're Alive

  Staying in Germany for today's update, but moving to the picturesque university city of Munster. Lars Hannemann used to be in various bands, including Galaxor, Regina and Absorbor, he also ran the d.i.y. label Kill All Human Records. Whilst these projects were mainly old school and hardcore punk, Lars decided to branch out and produce something more akin to the Lookout Records 1990's pop punk style. Influenced by his love of The Ramones, Weezer, The Descendents. Parasites and The Queers, 2010 saw him start a "just-for-fun-one-man-project" which he named Neon Bone (he took the name from a 1988 release by M.O.T.O.).  
  Since then he's been busy releasing an impressive catalogue of music which is now available "name your price" here : .
  Today's song is brand new it features on the soon to be released tape/digital download Year Zero and it's called You're Alive.....

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