Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Brian Mosher

Catching up a little now on the top 10 of all time lists that I was sent, today's selection is by Foxborough, Massachusetts resident Brian Mosher who produces the eclectic blog Phlubbermatic ( http://phlubbermatic.blogspot.co.uk/ ). Describing himself as a solitary man, an island of mediocrity in a sea of banality and declaring that nothing excites him as much as a band playing sloppy three-chord rock'n'roll with a catchy melody, it's probably fitting for someone who's blog features such a degree of diversity that his top 10 isn't limited to one style of music.....

 1) The Flashcubes - It's You Tonight
 2) Nick Cave - The Ship Song
 3) The Reducers (with Mark Mulcahy) - My Problem
 4) The Remains - Heart
 5) Richard Thompson - Saving The Good Stuff For You
 6) The Cadillacs - Zoom
 7) The Clovers - Good Lovin'
 8) The Briefs - Stuck On You
 9) Triple Thick - Sweet On That Girl
10) Bobby Bare, Jr - Your Adorable Beast

Thanks for the chart Brian, I think it's safe to say that you're a bit of an old romantic at heart, here's your number 1 choice.......

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