Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Ausmuteants - Felix Tried To Kill Himself

It was a tough decision which song by Ausmuteants to post today. I added their single to youtube a few days ago (hopefully they don't mind) but their Amusements album is a totally different beast full of catchy backing synths and tales of peeing, pooping, alien abductions and getting kicked in the head by a horse. In the end i decided to post a link to the album ( ) which i highly recommend you all check out, hell check out all their stuff. Hailing from Geelong, Australia, they began as a duo but are now a 4 piece, they're influenced by electro post punk bands (an excuse to mention Devo as all their reviews seem to do) and by far too many obscure early punk 7"'s and they're catchy as hell. This is the aforementioned single, it's called Felix Tried To Kill Himself.....

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