Sunday, 6 January 2019

The Smarthearts - Only A Name


  I read somewhere that my favourite band of the moment, Dark Thoughts, were heading out on tour and that they were taking a band called The Smarthearts along with them. It therefore seemed the obvious thing to do to check out The Smarthearts and boy, what a good decision that was.

  They're from Philadelphia and feature members of bands such as Sheer Mag, The Guests, Devil Master and Graveturner; Matt Palmer (guitar/vocals), Alki Meimaris (lead guitar/backup vocals), Max Gordon (bass) and Ian Dykstra (drums). 2016 saw them self release a demo cassette but more importantly they've recently released debut album On The Line and if you like your music to be a catchy as hell mixture of power pop and punk then you need to check it out immediately. It'll be available in a couple of weeks on vinyl from Wilsuns Recording Company (Pre order here : or you can snap it up digitally now :

  This is the opening track from the album, it's a great example of the quality songwriting and top notch melodies that populate a very promising debut. It's called Only A Name...

I was flipping thru my magazines
Bending the pages, stressing the seams
Something made me take a second look
A proper noun from another book

It was only a name
But it tripped a nerve in my brain
Something from the past
But just how long is this gonna last?

Six weeks later i was on the go
Sat behind a man watching a show
I was looking on, when, to my surprise
Emma stone made me close my eyes

It was only a face
But something bout it didn’t take
So i don’t look back
If i do i’m gonna crack

If you got a problem you can’t talk about
If you know it’s all over without a doubt
And if you got someone that you can’t leave behind
Well you better work it out before you lose your mind

They wrapped me up in everything i love
But it’s hard to tell what i was thinking of
I always knew that bye and bye
You’d come back and see me eye to eye

But it was only a dream
Everything not as it seems
And it’s not quite right
But i hope i get to dream tonight

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