Friday, 6 October 2017

The Hipshakes - Shot


  A few months back I featured a new single by The Hipshakes. They're the long running garage pop/punk band from Bakewell (now based in Manchester) featuring Andrew Anderson (guitar/vocals), Daniel Russell (guitar/vocals), Bruce Sargent (drums/vocals) and Ben Russell (bass/vocals). You may have heard me playing songs on recent Just Some Punk Songs shows by a couple of other bands which feature Andrew Anderson. Freak Genes having already released one of the best albums of 2017 and Proto Idiot who's upcoming album Leisure Opportunty is also a winner and which will feature on here sometime around it's November 3rd release date.

  Back to today's song, it's another new single from The Hipshakes. This time around it's out on Falmouth based Nerve Centre Records who describe it as being akin to the euphoric late 70's sound produced by legendary post punkers Wire. It was produced by Ben Woods and Sam Stacpoole (Black Tambourines, Holiday Ghost) and mastered by Mikey Young (Total Control, Eddy Current Supression Ring). The person behind the label is Charlie Murphy who is also a member of Freak Genes, check out their releases (including The Hipshakes' single) here :

  The Hipshakes are currently touring America along with Proto Idiot so hopefully some of you will ave taken the opportunity to catch them live (dates are on Facebook :

  After promising to make this song today's update I notice Josh has just posted his review on his excellent Faster And Louder blog but not to worry, my updates are basically introductions to the music whilst he does proper reviews so I'd recommend you check out what he has to say about the single (I've avoided looking till I finish writing this but will be heading over there now) :

  This is Shot...... 

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