Sunday, 3 September 2017

Slow Faction - Under Heavy Manners

  Slow Faction are the '77 era influenced punk 4 piece who's This Machine Kills Fascists ep was so good it not only spawned a song (Woody Guthrie) that graced the upper reaches of the Just Some Punk Songs best of 2016 chart, I also bought the t shirt!

  They're a band that's been getting better with every release so it's not surprising that I reacted with excitement to the news of a new ep. I remember a couple of the tracks from this release surfacing a couple of years back in demo form but now they're back fully formed on the excellent 6 track Under Heavy Manners ep. The cd is due out on the 1st October but if you head on over to Bandcamp you can find the digital version available name your price. Whilst you're there make sure you also snap up their other releases, all of them are highly recommended....

  Lining up with John Youens (guitar/vocals), Lee Peterson (rhythm guitar), Umbi Liszka (bass) and Kit Gould (drums), they've a few hometown gigs arranged and you can check out details here :

  The ep features more of the same top quality Clash inspired tunes we've come to expect, with intelligent lyrical commentary on governments waging war for profit, zero hour contracts & offshore tax havens, the way religion is perverted to promote hatred and the subjugation of the masses.

  This is the title track, Under Heavy Manners....

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