Monday, 11 September 2017

Launch Control - Mayday


  Launch Control are a 3 piece punk band from Reading featuring Seb Olrog (drums), Alex J (guitar/vocals) and Lee Switzer (bass/vocals). They list amongst their influences the likes of Rise Against, Bad Religion, MXPX, Iron Maiden Anti-Flag etc.

  Forming in 2012, they write energetic songs with a message. They've released a bunch of eps and songs, including the recent Mayday ep which features the song you'll find below, and you can check them out here :

  After promoting them as an energetic punk band, it's possibly strange to be highlight a song that's both slow paced and acoustic but the title track of the ep is my favourite from it. It's the sound of the band lamenting the current state of the country they've grown up in as the UK is voluntarily isolating itself. This Is Mayday.....

Drifting flotsam
Ostracized by
Foolish greed
And the lies it buys
Tried the patience
Of neighbouring nations
The blind follows
The blind ambition

Half were mis-sold their voice
Half were shouted down
We were all sold out
(Mayday, Mayday)

Dumped like jetsam
Redundant ballast
These gullible shills
Filled with small minded malice
Purpose served
Served up as oblations
To media moguls
And ghost corporations

Half found Stockholm syndrome
Half found out too late
We were all taken

So Mayday, Mayday
We're lost at sea
We'll prove our independence
By dying alone 


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