Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Boots N All - Fill Ya Boots

  Boots N All are an English Oi!/punk band from Warminster who's self released Live For Oi! album I was late discovering but which has become a firm favourite. It's streaming on Bandcamp if you want to check it out (you should)..... https://boots-n-all.bandcamp.com/

  They've recently returned with follow up Fill Ya Boots. Out now on Sunny Bastards it features versions of several of the tracks off Live For Oi! as well as a number of brand new tunes. The few songs that I've heard thus far suggest the album is a belter.

  They went down a storm at the recent Rebellion Festival and have several gigs lined up in support of the new record including this month's appearance at the Punk & Oi! Charity Bash in Darlington on a superb bill alongside the likes of The Glory, Top Dog, Tear Up, Brassknuckle etc plus their first Scottish show and a gig in Plymouth with The Ejected, Arch Rivals and more. You can get details here : https://www.facebook.com/bootsnall.punx/

  The song posted below is the title track from the album and gives you a fair idea of just how catchy these guys are. Proper working class Oi! I'll give it a play on today's Just Some Punk Songs show alongside a bunch of other great new releases (8pm Uk time : https://www.facebook.com/events/128960854403546/).

  This is Fill Ya Boots.....

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