Friday, 8 July 2016

Dragged In - August


  Today's song is from Dragged In who are a relatively new 5 piece hardcore punk band from Toronto, Ontario. They comprise of current and ex members of a number of acts such as Brutal Youth (, End Programme, Deadmouth and Class War Kids ( The line up is Patty O'Lantern (vocals), Dave Fenton (bass), Marty (guitar), Ryan Cox (guitar) and Bruce (drums).

  They released their blistering debut ep (which is snappily entitled EP 1) in January of this year and you can check it out here : Lyrically focusing on the struggles to find sense and purpose within the light and dark sides of everyday life, the band fuse together elements of hardcore punk, stoner metal and thrash riffs to concoct an intoxicating brew. 

  Since the release of their debut they've been busy touring; as well as playing the Pouzza Fest in Montreal and the 44 Fest in Toronto, they've also shared a stage with the likes of Sick Of It All, Madball, Pears, The Old Firm Casuals etc. They've recently been putting the finishing touches to a new ep (equally snappily entitled EP 2) which is pencilled in to be released sometime this month.

 Whilst we eagerly await the new record, this is the lead track from their debut, it's a ripsnorting piledriver called August.......

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