Monday, 18 July 2016

Brogues - Cruel World

  Brogues started life in 2012 as a solo project for former Morning Glory guitarist/songwriter Shawn Gardiner but have now expanded into a 4 piece that aside from Gardiner (vocals/guitars) also features his fellow Morning Glory bandmate Early Gates (guitar). The line up is rounded out with Chris Huban (bass) and Scott Wolff (drums).

  The New York outfit cite as influences the likes of The Clash, Swingin' Utters & Billy Bragg as well as Northern Soul and Motown.

  They released their debut album, Heart And Song, last May on Paper And Plastic Records and you can check it out here :

  They recently released an animated video, created by Taylor Bowen, for the album's opening song. This is Cruel World.....

Don’t tell me bout the hate you own
The contradictions from your righteous throne
I cant live with these thoughts I hold
Without the knowledge that this world’s so cold
So many of us hold the Cruel Knife
We choose to take those that only want life
We are the reapers, we think we are to decide
Whether you’re good enough to live or you’re gonna fuckin’ die
I’m sick of all the crusades and all the crusaders
The bullet, and the trigger, and this violence we’ve created
This police state
And all of the oil wars
The corporatocracy
And all the facts that are ignored
Corruption is the destruction of our world
Some want to play you with a bit of mind control
But the only power that you have is your control
To live the life you want without any hold
They tell me “At least you’ve got a home”
(what) These four walls that feel so wrong?
I’m so privileged to be in your arms
Do tell me more about where I belong
I’ve got a roof over my head
But this ain’t my home
No, this ain’t no home
These walls are cold
These people cold

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