Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Vista Blue - Betsy Took My Baby Away

  A welcome return today from Vista Blue who are back with new material. Below I'm posting a song from their new ep and another one will be played on the Just Some Punk Songs live broadcast at 8pm (GMT) tonight (http://mixlr.com/mick-fletcher/).

  Both songs are up to Vista Blue's usual high standard (dreamy, highly infectious power pop punk) and can be found, along with a third track here :  https://wearevistablue.bandcamp.com/album/betsy-took-my-baby-away.  I'm really looking forward to hearing the new album that they will feature on.

  According to Mike, the new album will be a split between Vista Blue and his old band The Loblaws (7 tracks apiece) and should be out before the end of the month through RamoneToTheBone Records (if you haven't snapped it up yet, go get the massive free sampler, Tales From The Pop Punk World Vol 3 that RTTB have just released : https://rttb-records.bandcamp.com/).

  3 more of the tracks from the album will be added to the bandcamp page next week, one of them will about John Carpenter's Halloween and the heroine of the movie, Jamie Lee Curtis.

  This is Betsy Took My Baby Away........

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