Sunday, 11 January 2015

Latte+ - I Wanna Be Like Steve McQueen

  A short blast of 3 chord punk today from a band who formed in 1997 in Empoli, Italy. Latte+ are one of the many Italian bands that are influenced by The Ramones, they're also one of the best. Starting with a demo which was called Dustbin In Town which saw the light of day shortly after they got together, they've gone on to release half a dozen full length albums. First up was 1999's The New Generation Sucks .  2001's Guerriglia Urbana and 2004's Molotov both came out on Agitato Records and saw them build up a sizeable fanbase both at home and in Europe. After this they went on hiatus for a while due to line up changes but by 2009 they were back rolling again and released Non e Finita. 2012 saw Asociale, as well as a mammoth tour which went right through till the autumn of 2013.
  Last year they reverted to singing in English again and they released their latest full length, entitled No More Than Three Chords, it's their first one to be released in the U.S. (on Outloud! Records). From that album, this is I Wanna Be Like Steve McQueen....

  Edit : There's a brand new video for the song (which I've posted below) and a new website :

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