Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Meeps! - Death Ray Gun

   Nearly Christmas, in a few days I'll be posting some top 10 lists comprising of the best songs of 2014, in the meantime the quality songs keep a coming with this one, a song which was recorded in May 2013 but  it's only recently been made available for free digital download ( http://meeps.bandcamp.com/ ).
  The Meeps! are a pop punk band comprising of A J Small (vocals, bass), Jason Ingrodi (vocals, guitar), Jordan Olsen (guitar, vocals) and B J Lewis (drums), they hail from Cumberland, Maryland. Influenced by the likes of Teenage Bottlerocket, The Lillingtons and a host of other old school favourites, they released a 9 track cd called Bad Girl in 2012.
  They seem to have been fairly inactive of late though they did get round last month to finally releasing the Troublemaker ep. Some of pop punks greatest hits have a sci fi theme and this beauty is one of those, this is Death Ray Gun.....

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