Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Photos - Now You Tell Me That We're Through

Taking a brief break from all that noisy punk music, here's a classic slice of power pop. Back when i was at school there were several objects of teen lust, mainly Debbie Harry and Gaye Advert but then along came the rather lovely Wendy Wu, lead singer with The Photos. I could write a few lines about them but the comments section on youtube gives a good, concise intro so i'll nick that..." The Photos evolved out of the short-lived and ill-fated punk band Satan's Rats. Guitarist Steve Eagles, bassist Dave Sparrow, and drummer Olly Harrison remained together when the band broke up in 1978 and, casting around for a new vocalist, were initially hoping to link with Jayne Casey from the recently sundered Big in Japan. However, she had already launched her own new band, Pink Military, and the trio returned home to Evesham, near Birmingham, and began scouring the local club scene. There they met the ultra-photogenic Wendy Wu and, following a series of very well-received live shows, signed with CBS in August 1979.
Wendy Wu - Vocals, Steve Eagles - Guitars, Vocals Dave Sparrow - Bass Guitar, Vocals Olly Harrison - Drums "

Their s/t album was packed with glossy power pop/new wave tunes and reached number 4 in the UK charts but rather than push on to greatness their follow up, Crystal Tips And Mighty Mice, was withdrawn before it hit the shops and Wu left the band. They split in 1981. This is their 1980 single, Now You Tell Me That We're Through......

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