Saturday, 7 July 2018

The Young Rochelles - Gotta Keep You Alive


  Just bear with me on this opening paragraph, I'll get to today's song soon. The next Just Some Punk Songs show will be tomorrow (Sunday 8th) at 8pm (UK time) and will feature the usual round up of the best new releases ( but then next week's show would have been going out at the same time as the World Cup final so sod that. As of yet I haven't decided when to broadcast it but I have decided to play an hour of catchy as hell proper pop punk tunes. A mix of golden oldies with a few new releases sprinkled in, if you like that kind of music, you're in for a treat. Keep your eyes peeled for when it's going out or wait for it to be saved to my Mixcloud profile ( The playlist is top secret but the song you'll find below will feature.....

  The Young Rochelles are no strangers to this blog. Forming in 2013 out of the ashes of The New Rochelles, they're a Ramones influenced 3 piece with a drummer on lead vocals and a happy knack of turning out infectious earworms. Last month they released (via Sounds Rad! Records) a digital live album which, though I'm not the biggest fan of live albums, I thought was great. 16 songs rattled through in pretty much no time at all (just like the Godfathers of this kind of music did 40+ years ago) and the sound is top notch. You'll be able to catch them in the flesh when they start their latest tour in a couple of weeks (dates here : The album's called It's Alive, Too! and you can check it out here :

  As well as the live album, there's also a new single. 2 new songs, it's out on clear, hand numbered 5.5" lathe cut records. It's mega limited to only 89 copies,  I've checked the Swamp Cabbage Records store and it appears to (unsurprisingly) already be sold out
You can however still get it digitally :

  Great band, great new song (it'll fit in nicely with the classics I'll play on next week's show). This is Gotta Keep You Alive....


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  1. Top secret man, I didn't understand basically nothing about your mysteries. But so it must be, if you work for secret services. I love this song and band!