Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Cold Meat - Lazy Anarchy


  I've an apology for you all today. I was looking through the old Just Some Punk Songs shows to see if there were any songs from Cold Meat's wonderful Pork Sword Fever ep that I haven't played and I decided to check which of the 5 tracks I'd posted on here. I was shocked that the search showed I'd featured nothing by the band. 2015's Sweet Treats ep came out before I discovered them but the following year's Jimmy's Lipstick should have merited a write up. The real oversights though, both from this year, are the aforementioned Pork Sword Fever and the excellent split ep with fellow Aussies, Ubik. I'll put things right now...

  Cold Meat are from Perth. They feature Ashley Ramsey (vocals), Kyle Gleadell (guitar), Charlotte Thorne (drums) and Tim Guthrie (bass). I've seen them compared to London band Good Throb (both bands feature pissed off female vocals, both bands sound as though they want to pummel you with something blunt and heavy and both bands are very good).

  You can find the split ep with Ubik here (old timers may want to check out the cover of Love In A Void) whilst Pork Sword Fever is here :

  There's so much great music coming out of Australia at the moment and without a doubt Cold Meat are at the vanguard of that punk explosion. I could have highlighted any of the songs on Pork Sword Fever, some have been featured elsewhere whilst on next Tuesday's show I'll play the song that's about "the burden of hating men whilst craving dick."

  For today though, this is Lazy Anarchy...

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