Saturday, 17 February 2018

Vile Assembly - Division Of Labour


  Vile assembly are the Liverpool based band that have been getting people to sit up and take notice . Forming with the intention of being whistle blowers on an unjust society, not only are they spreading their message at home, they've been picking up plenty of radio play in The States. They've come to the notice of legendary dj Rodney Bingenheimer and they'll also be playing a few west coast shows (including an industry show at SIR Studios). Add to this a support slot with The Damned in Paris at the end of May, they're a band you'll be hearing more of.

  Featuring 3 friends (Paul Mason, Mark Webb & Mark Wainwright), they'd owned a music studio in Liverpool for a couple of decades but hadn't contemplated making music themselves. Budding poet, and now lyricist and vocalist, Paul Mason was very firmly of the opinion that the world was a vile place, this opinion was reinforced following his decision to spend a month sleeping rough on the streets of Liverpool and San Diego. He found it both horrendous and inspirational and years later Vile Assembly were born in an attempt to shine a spotlight on the ills of modern society.

  They've already picked up global recognition following the release of their first 2 singles, Suicide Feast and Gone. Now they return with a new single which is from debut album, Fattened By The Horrors Of War.

   Great music, intelligent lyrics (in this case railing against corrupt politicians and corporate criminals), what's not to love. This is Division Of Labour....


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