Thursday, 18 January 2018

Lay It On The Line - Positive Views


  Lay It On The Line are a melodic hardcore punk band from South London. Forming in 2012 their current line up features Duncan Ash (bass), Jakub Jalowiec (guitar), James Eaton-Brown (drums), Alice Hour (vocals) and Mike Scott (vocals/guitar). Mike is also a member of Phinius Gage and In Evil Hour whilst Alice also fronts In Evil Hour.

  With influences such as Pennywise & Consumed plus Slayer & Dio it's easy to see why their sound is a mix of hard hitting punk tunes with heavier riffs and pounding drums. Releases include 2012's demo album Midnight In The Ballagio plus several eps and a split 7" with Arizona. You can check them out here :

  Late last year they released their debut album, The Black Museum, on Disconnect Disconnect Records and you can find it here :

  They embark on a mini tour later this month and you can find details here : 

  The song you'll find below is a cover of a demo by Californian band Rotting Out (check the original version out here :
Duelling male and female vocals compliment a brutal back beat, this is Positive Views....

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