Wednesday, 9 August 2017

City Miles - Away Day

  Right people, listen up. City Miles are looking like they're gonna turn out to be one of the best new punk bands around. I'm not going totally overboard yet as they've only released 3 songs but the potential is there for them to take off very quickly. Shamefully only 152 people have "liked" their Facebook page so far, don't be shy, get in early and click that tab.....

  Their first song was Skinhead Till The End, it went down a storm when I played it on the show and pulled in plenty of views when I featured it on here last April

  Song number 2 was a cover of Tiltwheel's Make Like A Tree & Fuck Off which they knocked out during a recording session for their debut ep.

  Now they're back with a new song (possibly a taster for that ep? Time will tell). I'm very pleased to report that it's every bit as good as Skinhead Till The End (no mean feat as that's easily one of the highlights of 2017). You can find all 3 songs here :

  I played the new song on last night's show which is saved here (feel free to listen, faourite, share etc and get some new fans for some great bands)...

  City Miles. 3 masked men of mystery who make churning out classic catchy oi anthems seem like a stroll in the park. This is Away Day and it's awesome....

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