Thursday, 25 February 2016

Hidden Spots - Dance Dance Dance

  Hidden Spots were from Chattanooga, Tennessee and formed following the break up of The Jack Palance Band. In 2007 they released a split ep alongside Dan Padilla, The Tim Version and Tiltwheel and they also released a few 7"s (Important Transmissions, Secret Noise and a split with Black Rainbow). The song featured today though was on their highly rated Hundred Million Voices album. Released on Mauled By Tigers records it came out in 2009.

  The line up on the album was Eric Nelson (vocals/guitar), Mike Pack (bass/vocals), Buddha (aka Brian D. Bush) (guitar/vocals) and Ryan Maddox (drums/vocals). Bands they subsequently featured in include Basement Benders, Dark Rides and Future Virgins.

  Singing about politics and fucked up shit that makes them sick, this is Dance, Dance, Dance......

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