Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Powerchords - Think I'm Gonna

 "... think I'm a gonna" is a true must have for all friends of euphoric, 

 two minutes pop anthems and fans of bands like THE BUZZCOCKS,


  The Powerchords were a catchy as hell power pop/punk outfit from Chula Vista, San Diego who featured Jon Hammer (vocals/guitar), Eliseo "Seo" Parra (guitar/vocals), Craig Barclift (bass/vocals) and Austin Ballow (drums).

  Very much influenced by The Buzzcocks, their debut release was the Unattached Strings/Dream Girl 7" which surfaced on Mean Buzz Records in 2006. This was followed by their only album which came out on Screaming Apple and was titled Think I'm Gonna. A couple more singles, Nightmare and More Than Me were released in 2009 but that seems to be about it.

  This is the album's title track.....

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