Friday, 23 January 2015

Twisted - Phantom Penpal

  A song today by a band that I'd not come across till yesterday when I saw a review on the excellent Keep Track Of Time site. It's by a band called Twisted and it's from their self recorded album, Utopia, which is a new release on Specialist Subject Records (and Art For The Blind in Ireland). I could go on to tell you that the band are from South Wales and feature a line up of Livi Sinclair (vocals), Jon Mohajar (guitar), Rob Milligan (bass) and Chris Thomas (drums), I could even mention that early on in the song that I'm posting that the vocals bring to mind the drive and urgency present in some of Chumbawamba's earlier punk numbers but I think I'm better off just directing you to both the Keeping Track Of Time review ( ) and to their bandcamp where you can discover for yourselves how great the album is ( ).

  For anyone that's still here, this is Phantom Penpal........

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