Monday, 5 January 2015

The Rotters - Japanese Punk

 I suppose the first thing to say about today's song is that the band that recorded it aren't the same band that released a couple of singles (Sit On My Face Stevie Nicks and Sink The Whales Buy Japanese Goods) back in the 70's. Although also called The Rotters this lot were somewhat of a shambolic, thrown together outfit from London featuring future Horrors vocalist Faris Badwan on drums as well as Dylan "Rotter" Wigoder (vocals), "Robot" Jess Meek (bass) and Emily "Rotter" Watson (guitar).
  Supposedly they were offered a gig and so wrote all their songs in a matter of hours, named themselves after a Jonathan Coe novel titled The Rotters Club and then without hardly any practice went out and performed. They even managed to put out a (triple A sided) single. It should really have been an amateurish disaster but have a listen to Japanese Punk, it was fucking gloriously awesome.....

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