Saturday, 24 January 2015

Paper Suits - Hate This Place

  Occasionally I'll hear a song that I like and decide it's getting posted in here and then admit that I know very little about the band before adding at least a couple of facts about them. Today however, I really do know absolutely nothing about this lot (so if anyone does please share your knowledge in the comments box).

  I saw this song mentioned by Just Some Punk Songs' favourites The Plain Dealers and decided it needed adding here, it's by a band called Paper Suits who I think are from Cleveland. I'm guessing they're newly formed??? and they have a few songs on Bandcamp.....

  This is a snotty, '77 punk type rant called Hate This Place.......

 It's not 73', suburban metro queer  
Disposable razors have been around for years 
I don't care about your P.C. 
All I know is I like to eat meat 
I don't care what your read, I don't care. 
Now I hate this place 
Gonna make you shave your face. 

Human sheep in the front look like hasidic jews 
Staring up at a cross, frozen, afraid to move 
Not me, I hate what I see 
I don't care about your "beliefs" 
You're just a puppet of a computer screen.


  1. Yeah Mick!! This is a brand new lot from Cleveland, Ohio featuring the debut of WIllie Luncmeat on vox and a couple of the Plain Dealers. Thanks for posting!!

  2. thanx. just noticed a facebook page has gone up too.....