Thursday, 22 January 2015

Kingons - Wonderful Girl

  At the beginning of this month I posted a song by Japan's The Cistems and mentioned that some of them were now in a band called Kingons. Since then I've been eagerly waiting to do a follow up post featuring that awesome band....

  Kingons are fun. The enthusiasm for what they're doing emanates from every pore as you'll see if you watch the video below. They comprise of Takahashi ChokuWataru on vocals, Kj Monmon on guitar, Nakata on bass and Handa on drums. They put out killer album in 2010 called Pop Of The World and they've also released a few eps, the most recent being 2013's Past Rendezvous. 2015 will see them shortly sharing a bill with The Apers on the Dutch band's Japanese tour.

  From their 2010 ep Wonderful Girl, this is the title track. I love this kind of stuff so if anyone's got any suggestions of more of the same please shout out in the comments.....

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