Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Erazerhead - She Can Dance


A crunchy early 80's UK pop punk song today from East Londoner's Erazerhead. (The info I've given below is just a condensed version of this piece : http://www.erazerhead.co.uk/)

  In 1978, fresh faced rock n roll fanatic Lee Dury formed a band called The Corvettes but just as they were making a name for themselves their bass player, Paul Spicer, was killed in a hit and run and they split up (guitarist Steve Pear went on to join The 4-Skins). Only the fact that he couldn't find the studio stopped Dury joining The UK Subs as bassist, instead he joined up with Bernie Cairns, Billy Trigger and Jim Berlin as vocalist with a new Ramones influenced outfit named Erazerhead (Cairns was soon replaced with Gary Spanner). Support gigs with a number of name bands, indie chart hits and the obligatory John Peel session soon followed. Following an argument, Spanner left the band who carried on for a while as a 3 piece with Dury on bass but they decided to call it a day in 1984. If you want a retrospective of their work, Captain Oi put out a comprehensive best of album in 1994.
  Possibly their best known single was 1982's Shell Shock but I think I possibly prefer the b side, She Can Dance (I'm a sucker for the backing vocals), so that's the song I'm posting today.....

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