Monday, 19 January 2015

Automatics - Punk Rock

"We don't care if you think we suck
  we just want to play punk rock.."

  Not to be confused with any of the other bands that share their name, The Automatics that are featured today are a band from Portland, Oregon who started off with pop punk sensibilities and got gradually heavier as they went along. Announcing themselves in the mid 90's with several eps and a self titled album on the legendary Mutant Pop label they were a band that didn't go in for the shiny bells and whistles production favoured by several of their contemporaries, instead they packed their releases with a 1-2 fuck you, pedal to the floor array of short and in your face snotty tunes. In total they unleashed 3 albums and a multitude of singles, splits and eps.
  The song that I'm posting today comes from their 1997 10 More Golden Greats ep. Most of the tracks on this disc were under a minute in length and this one was one of those, with vocals that remind me a little of Jello Biafra, this is called Punk Rock.....

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