Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Beltones- Fuck You Anyway

Formed in 1994, The Beltones are a street punk band, originally from Fort Lauderdale, who's gravel voiced singer, Bill McFadden, brings to mind Leatherface's Frankie Stubbs. Their discography includes a handful of singles and a couple of albums (On Deaf Ears and Cheap Trinkets). This is probably my favourite of theirs, Fuck You Anyway......                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Tonight is the night that I come unglued. No longer will the beautiful people walk the streets and smile while I sit and stew. Been waiting all of my life just to give it to you. Gonna pay back all you generous souls and when I'm done you motherfuckers will all be through. Just kidding, please forgive me, didn't realize that the whiskey would hit me so quickly. I'll just grab my death and be on my way. Didn't mean to wreck your evening, don't you worry 'bout me cos I'm only bleeding. And before I go there's just one last thing I wanna say. Always taking back the things that I say and do. I never meant to hurt anybody, but there's something inside that just won't play it cool. I wouldn't mind beating all of you black and blue. So if you want me I'll be off in the corner holding back on saying what I really think of you.

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