Monday, 3 August 2020

Jim Bob - If It Ain't Broke (Guest Review By Jon Bates)

  Originally from Hartlepool but now living in Fukuoka, Japan, Jon Bates featured on here earlier this year with his band Born Shit Stirrers ( He's also a big fan of ex Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine vocalist Jim "Jim Bob" Morrison's recent solo work and he's agreed to write a few words recommending his latest release...

  One day we hope to be able to say “Jim Bob” without having to follow up with the fact that he was 50% of 1990’s heartthrobs, Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine. If It Ain’t Broke is the third single released from the new album Pop Up Jim Bob, and judging by the tracks released so far it’s looking like he’s reverting back to his punk rock roots! Fingers crossed that this work will finally please both Jim Bob fans and the “does it sound like Carter” fans alike. 

  In little over 2 minutes Jim has managed to sum up all the toxic shit that is evident right now in Trump’s America and by extension, Johnson’s Britain. From racism to homophobia and the destruction of the whole fucking planet. Jim is back, fed up and ready to Make Albums Great Again.

  Pop up Jim Bob is out August 14th on CD/LP from Cherry Red records. The LP comes with a 2021 calendar which, if it’s anything like this year you won’t have fuck all to write in it (2021 WTF?). 
If you buy both the LP and CD you will be given a download link to the Pop Up Covers digital mini album of Jim doing some great covers including X-Ray Spex, Elvis Costello, The Clash etc. Would you dare sleep on this one?
 -Jon Shit Stirrer

  This is If It Ain't Broke...

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Classics Of Love - Future Shock

  Classics Of Love ( are the Los Angeles band that feature Operation Ivy's Jesse Michaels. But they aren't the same Jesse Michaels fronted Classics Of Love that released an excellent Self Titled album on Asian Man Records back in 2012. That band were pretty much done and dusted but when Jesse started making more music during the lockdown he was given the go ahead to continue using the name despite drafting in a new supporting cast. The new line up now sees him ably backed by Sharif Dumani (Alice Bag, Exploding flowers, ETC) on guitar and bass and Peter John Fontes (Los Nauticals, Surf Fronts) on drums.

  The new record is a 5 track ep called World Of Burning Hate and it's Jesse's hardest hitting release yet. It's lean, mean and to the point with only one of the songs creeping past the 2 minute mark. The guy's a genre veteran but the fire in his belly still burns bright. The new guys don't hold back and provide raw and authentic backing. I believe there's a vinyl version of the ep upcoming from Asian Man but for now you'll have to make do with the digital download :

  This is the opening track, it's called Future Shock...

All Hits - Don't Wanna


  A couple of weeks ago on the show I played a song called Blockhead, a scrappy modern punk gem from Portland, Oregon 3 piece All Hits (it was on this show It was just one of the tracks from their very impressive album Men And Their Work which came out in June on Iron Lung Records. 

  The band line up with Janie (guitar), Sam (drums) & Izzy (bass) and I've seen comparisons drawn with the likes of Wire, Wipers, Sleater Kinney, Raincoats and the Slits (personally, I'd throw The Coathangers in there as well). Last year they released a 4 track purple cassette titled Introducing... of which only 100 were made but it looks to still be available here :

  Men And Their Work is available on various coloured vinyl. Black and translucent smoky blue from Iron Lung  and coke bottle clear from Rough Trade
It's also streaming here :

  It's an impressive looking package but it'd be no use to anyone if the music didn't match up. Fortunately it does. It's feminist post-punk. Angular guitar, prominent bass and powerful vocals. It sounds both familiar and fresh and deserves your attention.

  This track opens with the couplet "I'm going to need you to fuck off. I'm getting really pissed off." It's a statement of intent from a band that won't be told what to do and it's called Don't Wanna...

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Body Farm - Killing Floor


  As I'm over in the UK I'd never heard of Mike DeWine until I saw a comment on a song posted to Bandcamp by Baltimore hardcore punks Body Farm. It read "Fuck Mike DeWine." Short and to the point and a bit of searching revealed that one of the first big pieces of legislation Mike DeWine signed as Ohio governor was a six-week abortion ban known as the "Heartbeat Bill." He says that the law is only part of the overall agenda he's pushing. More recently, Ohio made headlines with a recent proposal to ban all abortions, with the death penalty as a possibility for both doctors and women. It has no exceptions for rape or incest and could outlaw some popular forms of birth control.

  Attempting to have doctors and women sentenced to death seems a pretty damn draconian response no matter what your views are on the issues of abortion and Body Farm have come up with a hard hitting retort.

  It comes in the form of a blistering cover of a song originally released in 1993 by Madison, Wisconsin political punk band Naked Aggression (on their Bitter Youth album). Body Farm have made the song their own and state that "the message and the fight is just as important today as it ever was."  You can get the song as a name your price download from this is progress?

  As well as the cover, they've also released a new Self Titled ep on Blind Rage Records. 3 blink and you'll miss them bursts of noisy hardcore (including a Devo cover). The ltd edition 3" lathe version sold out in just 5 minutes but the digital version is available here : 

  This is Killing Floor...

  I had an abortion in a back alley
 I had an abortion in a back alley
 I had an abortion in a back alley
 I had an abortion in a back alley
 And now I'm bleeding to death on the killing floor...

Friday, 31 July 2020

Dame - Bubble Baby


  Dame are a dark post punk band based in Boston, Massachusetts who formed in 2015 and line up with Diana (vocals), Anna (guitar), Lauren (keys), Meghan (drums) and Dani (bass). They've featured in numerous other bands such as Exit Order, Leather Daddy, Bad Idea, Native Sun etc...

  Their first release was a 5 track ep titled Charm School and they followed it up in 2016 with a split cassette ep with The Cringe. 2017 saw them release a Self Titled ep on Charm School Records and you can check it out, along with the debut, here :

  Despite being spread out geographically they managed to get together before the Covid pandemic took a hold to record a new 7 track 12". The blue vinyl version is already sold out but you can get it on black from Beach Impediment Records


  It's also available as a name your price download :

  My favourite song? Maybe it's because I'm more familiar with it than with the new material (or maybe just because it's so bloody good!) but I'm opting for a reworked track from their debut ep. This is Bubble Baby...

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Riot City Radio - Anchor In The Storm

  " I'll make through the dark days, I'll make it through the storm, it's what I always do, I've done before.."

  The song I'm posting today is one that I played on the Just Some Punk Songs show towards the end of last year. Even earlier than that, I featured the first song recorded by the band on this blog ( Now both of those songs, plus a couple more have made their way onto the band's debut ep. The band is Riot City Radio.

  If you haven't come across them yet, they're a 3 piece street punk band from Plymouth with a line up of Matt Colton (Bass/Vocals), Tom Boutwood (Drums/Vocals) and Tom Murphy (Guitar/Vocals). If those names sound familiar you may have heard them from other bands such as Hostile Minds, Arch Rivals, Hard Wax and Dead Legions. The ep is titled Anchor In The Storm and it's available on 4 limited edition coloured vinyls from Sunny Bastards :

  If you like your music to be heartfelt and anthemic and feature big sing along choruses then this is a release you should pay attention to. It's working class punk music, melodic oi with the occasional dash of ska. It's very catchy but still hits hard. This is the title track, Anchor In The Storm...

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Daughter Bat and the Lip Stings - Preemptive Strike (Guest Review By Billy Ouka)


  Welcome To Love Songs...

  "Not because i don't love you or because i don't think we'll last but just because it's better to be safe than sorry"

  One of the songs I've enjoyed most recently is a new one by Daughter Bat And The Lip Stings. It also proved very popular when I played it on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show show and so as I knew very little about the "band" I asked listener Billy Ouka (aka Slug Butter vocalist ( Simon Geddes) if he fancied writing this update. He did a bit of research and even went out of his way to contact the man behind Daughter Bat, Angus Lewis, and this is what he came up with...

  "Similar to everything else but also a bit different :-) rock and roll babeh!"

   Daughter Bat is a one dude setup, who lives in rural NSW near Wollongong. Formally in a band called Fruit Bat, been going since late 2019, Daughter Bat have been releasing a steady stream of DIY bedroom punk classics, with the latest from the single Love Songs, Preemptive Strike, a slice of garage egg punk magic, with a killer hook and an infectious organ, with the B-side sounding like a an outtake from a Mo Tucker recording session. Featured in issue 4 ( of Billiam's    ( excellent zine Magnetic Visions ( and released on his label Under Heat Records, with hopefully a split 7" being released in the near future. (

  "Home dubbed on old op shop tapes for added fuzz and warmth and not because i'm too broke to do an actual run"

  "Well my main biggest influence would be the big Sydney names like gee tee and anything ishka is a part of because he is god but I also just love the classic early weird punk stuff. I look to early eggy punky bands for more of general feel though as a pose to actual sound. As far as future plans go I just really want to keep recording eps and playing any gig I get offered to be honest. As for bands I’ve recently been listening to, lots of blondie, bit of gg allin, the new “grand finale” ep is amazing and I’ve had the hacker demo on repeat for a while now but yeah, apart from that just a healthy mix of pop and rock and blah blah. As far as a secret for the sound goes I really can’t tell you, I’m very inexperienced with recording, just wack it into the 4 track because it’s super straight forward, bung it onto the computer, slap it onto the web babey" Angus Lewis (Daughter Bat)

  You can get Love Songs "name your price" here :

  This is Preemptive Strike...