Friday, 20 July 2018

Youth Killed It - What's So Great, Britain?

(photo Ray Roberts)

  Youth Killed It are a 5 piece indie punk band featuring members from Norwich and London. Their line up features Jack Murphy (vocals), Carlos Montero (lead guitar), Ben Ford (drums), Josh Taylor (rhythm guitar) and Josh Thexton (bass).

   They released their debut album, Modern Bollotics, last year (, their upbeat brand of indie rock mixed with pop punk earning them plenty of positive reviews.

  In October they'll be releasing the follow up, it'll be on Rude Records and titled What's So Great, Britain? and there'll be a tour to promote it. You can get more details here :

  To check out a few of the new songs and to pre order head over to Bandcamp :

  This song is the title track and it's an infectious summertime anthem with lyrics that are very relevant to where we as a country currently find ourselves. It's called What's So Great, Britain?

Three nations divided in two under one banner 
Old school views but we live in a new manor 
Traditional values, have to evolve or stand like statues 
But we don’t have to lose what’s great about Britain 
Big guitar bands and comical villains 
Maybe we could stop highlighting people that preach hate 
They only make things worse mate 

We only won the world cup once 
And now we’re living like we’re out in front 
But we don’t make anything anymore 
But we still expect it all 
We’re set up for a big fall, yeah 

We’re divided into rich and poor 
The rich are getting richer and the poor don’t care anymore 
Just look at the recent political scores 
We’re forward thinking and it’s time to change 
Educate ourselves and change our ways 
Subculture’s working class anyways 
Because culture belongs to those who didn’t have anything anyway 
Who didn’t have anything anyway 

(So tell me what's so Great, Britain?) 

And we’re a complicated sibling 
Who doesn’t know how to fit in 
So we cause so many problems 
Fighting with our kin 
And we just need to be held 
And stop this island syndrome 
Before we cut the chord 
And end up on our own.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

BKS - I Eat Bugs

  It's that time of the week when I think "oh shit, I better get looking for some music to play on the next show."  One release I knew would be worth checking out is a new 50 track compilation album from Just Say No To Government Music titled Rebellion 2018 New Band (Introducing) Stage. As the title suggests it's a 2 cd introduction to the bands that will be playing Blackpool's Rebellion Festival for the first time. The festival, Britains biggest annual punk gathering, takes place this year between 2nd and 5th August and the compilation features loads of great bands from around the world including a number who have previously featured on here (Murderburgers, Fat Albert, Dream Nails, The Mistakes, The Liarbilities, The Crash Landings, Dischord etc...).

  Definitely worth checking out, you can find the digital version here :

  One of the bands on the comp is London "fast as fuck" hardcore outfit BKS. Influenced by the likes of Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, Gorilla Biscuits, Minor Threat, Poison Idea etc, the line up features Chris (vocals), Tom (bass), Will (drums) and Radu (guitar). Their Baptist Killing Spree demo came out in 2015 and was followed up last year by the I Eat Bugs ep. Both can be found name your price here :

  The songs are (mostly) over in the blink of an eye. High octane blasts of furious energy, I can imagine their set at Rebellion will be short, frantic and very sweaty. You can get more info on them here :

  This is the song thats on the comp and is the title track of the ep, I Eat Bugs...

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Cold Meat - Lazy Anarchy


  I've an apology for you all today. I was looking through the old Just Some Punk Songs shows to see if there were any songs from Cold Meat's wonderful Pork Sword Fever ep that I haven't played and I decided to check which of the 5 tracks I'd posted on here. I was shocked that the search showed I'd featured nothing by the band. 2015's Sweet Treats ep came out before I discovered them but the following year's Jimmy's Lipstick should have merited a write up. The real oversights though, both from this year, are the aforementioned Pork Sword Fever and the excellent split ep with fellow Aussies, Ubik. I'll put things right now...

  Cold Meat are from Perth. They feature Ashley Ramsey (vocals), Kyle Gleadell (guitar), Charlotte Thorne (drums) and Tim Guthrie (bass). I've seen them compared to London band Good Throb (both bands feature pissed off female vocals, both bands sound as though they want to pummel you with something blunt and heavy and both bands are very good).

  You can find the split ep with Ubik here (old timers may want to check out the cover of Love In A Void) whilst Pork Sword Fever is here :

  There's so much great music coming out of Australia at the moment and without a doubt Cold Meat are at the vanguard of that punk explosion. I could have highlighted any of the songs on Pork Sword Fever, some have been featured elsewhere whilst on next Tuesday's show I'll play the song that's about "the burden of hating men whilst craving dick."

  For today though, this is Lazy Anarchy...

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Airstream Futures - If I


  Airstream Futures are a new band from Chicago who's sound straddles genres such as punk, indie, alt rock and who's line up features members of such notable bands as The Bomb, The Methadones, Dead Ending and Bow & Spear. That line up is Devon Carson (vocals), Jeff Dean (guitar/vocals), Megan Edgin (bass) and Mike Soucy (drums).

  They released their debut album, Spirale Infernale, at the end of last year and have recently burst back onto the scene with a fab new 7" single. Out yesterday it features a couple of tracks (If I and PR Nightmares) and its available on both limited edition (300 copies, mostly already gone so be very quick if you want one) random colour vinyl and digital from Little Rocket Records...

    You can get more info here :

  The lyric video you'll find below was put together by Alkaline Trio drummer Derek Grant and the song is about the fight against depression and anxiety. If I was making a comparison I'd say it reminds me a little of the kind of songs that featured on Castro's excellent Infidelity album that came out earlier this year (

  This is called If I...

Monday, 16 July 2018

Sabatta - Rock Star Shit


  "Fuck genres, fuck labels, fuck rules and fuck fitting in..."  London band Sabatta aren't easy to categorise though I've seen a few good attempts; The Stooges meets Sly Stone, James Brown getting high with The Dead Kennedys, grunge soul....  Whatever they are, they're good and you should check them out.

  Melding together various styles of music (punk, funk, rock, soul, metal, psychedelia), they've recently released their 2nd album, Misfit Music (their debut lp was 2015's Middle Of The Night). It features the talents of Yinka Oyewole (vocals/guitars), Debbie Dee (bass/vocals) and Adriano Siani (drums). You can listen here :

  Think Funkadelic. Think Bad Brains. Think Sheer Mag. Then remember they're from London not The States. Definitely not your typical UK punk band. You can get more info here :

  This is Rock Star Shit...

Sunday, 15 July 2018

The Sentence - Bored Teenager (Guest Review By Stef Holden)

  Stef Holden previously appeared on here a couple of years ago with his old band D-Liberate ( Nowadays he's fronting a new Lancaster based band called No Agenda ( I noticed him waxing lyrical about the debut release of another new band from Lancashire called The Sentence and after giving it a listen was impressed enough to rope him in to do a guest review.

  The line up of the band is Spike (bass), Ged (drums), Steve (guitar), Watty (vocals/guitar) and Andy (guitar) and you can check out their Facebook page here :

  And now over to Stef....

The Sentence are a new 5 piece Alternative Punk Band from the North West of Lancashire comprising of ex members af such Lancashire bands as What A Riot, The Pakt & Boredom. The band only really formed a few months ago & this track ‘Bored Teenager’ is the First thing they have released. This is really catchy stuff but what do you really expect with a band full of Punk Rock stalwarts & if this is a taste of what’s to come then I for one Can’t wait to hear more.

Bored Teenager...

Saturday, 14 July 2018

The Shifters - Work/Life, Gym Etc


  Yet another cool band from Australia, yet another cool band from Melbourne.

  The Shifters play "alternative drunk pop, jazzy ciggies, neo country jams" They're a 5 piece featuring Tristan Davies (bass/guitar/melodica), Chris Gray (bass), Ryan Coffey (drums/vocals), Miles Jansen (vocals/guitar/melodica) and Louise Russell (keys/vocals).

  They've previously released a couple of 7" singles and a demo cassette but in September will be stepping things up when they unveil their debut album. It'll be titled Have A Cunning Plan and if the song you'll find below is any indication it'll be definitely worth checking out. It'll be available via Trouble In Mind Records and you can pre order it here : 
orange vinyl :
digital :

  You can get more info on the band's Facebook page :

  The only thing I'd heard by them previously was the song Creggan Shops (it reminded me a lot of The Fall). This new song is called Work/Life, Gym Etc and still has that rambling brain worm aura about it. The lyrics are observationally spot on and wryly humourous and the keyboards are pleasantly nagging. All in all a very promising outrider for the upcoming album.