Wednesday, 20 September 2017

7 Years Bad Luck - No Control


  7 Years Bad Luck are a long running band from Austria (Saalfelden/Innsbruck) who's line up features Tambus (vocals/drums), Andy (vocals/bass) and Giorgio (guitar/vocals). They play catchy, melodic pop punk which should appeal to fans of The Descendents, Alkaline Trio, Jawbreaker, Screeching Weasel etc....

  Last month saw the release of their new album Great, Big, Nothing. It's available from Monster Zero Records and NoReason Records and you can also find it on Bandcamp :

  Below you'll find a video for the opening song on the album, it's called No Control.....

she slams the door and leaves you standing in the rain another night gone bad, to you it's all the same left your car running in the parking lot, better watch your step today, you're feeling old there's no control you're like a blur, don't have the time to make amends i guess it doesn't make a difference in the end you take one step forward, ten steps back, i'd laugh, but i have issues of my own there's no control and wherever you go you're always late you’re trying so hard to compensate no matter what you think no matter what you do your life is just a one man show your life is just a one man show this is your last chance to take control

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Vista Blue - Girl Who Can Curl

  Anyone who regularly visits this blog will be familiar with Nashville power pop outfit Vista Blue. They've featured plenty of times over the last few years and they return today with a song from a new split ep they've released on their own Radiant Radish label in collaboration with The Zambonis.

  Formed in 1991, The Zambonis always record songs about hockey whilst many of Vista Blue's are baseball themed, this time around though they're both taking on curling. The ep's called Songs About Curling and it's a celebration of the 2018 Winter Olympics. You can pre order the 7" vinyl here :

  Those who prefer digital should head this way.....

  There's 2 songs from each band, The Zambonis take a laid back almost country approach with Sweep Me Over The Hogline whilst Curling Girl is not only the cutest girl in town but she likes both hockey and The Ramones. No wonder they love her! Vista Blue pick up the pace with the 60's smash hit that never was, Curling All Around The USA and they round off an excellent ep with the song you'll find below.

  If there's any bands around at the moment that are catchier than Vista Blue, please let me know. This is Girl Who Can Curl....

Monday, 18 September 2017

Fresh - Bible Camp


  Fresh are from London, they formed in 2015 and they're a bit punky, a bit indie, a bit bloody good. Some of their songs are acoustic, some are a little bit noisier than that. They write about subjects such as depression, sexuality, exams and bible camp! Their frontwoman, Kathryn Woods, has a great voice. So check them out.

  May 2015 saw them release debut ep, Gewingchum, whilst the follow up, These Things Are Not That Fun, appeared later that year. Now on Specialist Subject Records, they recently released their self titled debut album and it's been the subject of a number of very positive reviews. Deceptively sweet tunes with bite are very much order of the day, lend them your ears....

  This is the shortest song on the album (I'll play a longer one on tomorrow's Just Some Punk Songs show, it's called Bible Camp.....

Sunday, 17 September 2017

PedAgree Skum - Assisted Suicide

   PedAgree Skum are an old school punk band from Stoke On Trent who formed in 2010 when a couple of friends, Katie "Phoenix" Dodd (vocals) and Rich Gulag got together with a notebook, pen and an old acoustic guitar and started writing songs. Several line up changes later those 2 founder members remain, along with drummer Muff Hollis and Dayle Denton (bass).

  Their music is often political in content, their lyrics deal with issues such as greed, individuality, police brutality etc. Comparisons can be drawn with bands such as Zounds, Anthrax and Rudimentary Peni.

  They recently released a new single and you can find it, along with their earlier material, over on Bandcamp : They've also contributed a song called Stronger to the Rebel Songs From A Prison Planet compilation. The comp features several bands that have appeared on this blog and is name your price here :

  Is it right to set someone free when their body fails, when they're in constant pain and when their dignity is gone? Should people have the right to choose when they want their life to end? This is Assisted Suicide.....

Saturday, 16 September 2017

The Riptides - Beam Me Up

  The Riptides are the Canadian pop punk band from Ottawa who previously appeared on this blog with the rather wonderful Shit Outta Luck ( That classic slice of Ramones/Beach Boys inspired punk tunage was the closing track on their excellent 2009 album Tales From Planet Earth. Since then they've released a few eps, including splits with bands such as The Queers, The Dwarves, The Apers and The Connection. Now they return with a new 18 track album called Canadian Graffiti. You can get it on vinyl from Something To Do Records ( or it's available, along with their earlier stuff, over on Bandcamp :

  Lining up with Andy Vandal (vocals), Bob Goblin (bass/vocals), Doug Vermin (guitar/vocals), Corey Omega (guitar/vocals) and Dan Lumley (drums) the band have made one of the best pop punk albums of 2017 (The gauntlet has been thrown down to The Lillingtons). It's been 8 years since Tales From Planet Earth but they haven't missed a beat, look up the word catchy in the dictionary and you'll find a picture of The Riptides!

  I could have pretty much highlighted any of the tracks but as someone's already stuck one up on Youtube (and as regular readers will have noticed, I'm a sucker for sci fi themed pop punk songs) I'll go with that. This is Beam Me Up....

beam me up
take me far from here
beam me up
my mission's no longer clear
'cause i don't wanna see you crying
as i head to outer space
but i just can't keep lying
and pretend i get this place, anymore

beam me up
get me off this rock
beam me up
i'll hang with mr spock
because everything they're saying
makes me want to shake my head
the politics they're playing
makes me fear the road ahead
beam me up and take me far from here
ooh baby, beam me up
and take me away from here

cause i don't want to see you crying
as i head to outer space
but i just can't keep lying
and pretend i get this place
beam me up and take me far from here
ooh baby, beam me up
and take me away from here...... 

Friday, 15 September 2017

Young Offenders - Wasting Time


  Young Offenders are a three piece from Adelaide featuring  Kyle Landman (vocals/guitar), Anthony Katern (bass) and Leigh Shags (drums). They've been releasing their punk and reggae influenced music since 2013 and you can download it name your price on Bandcamp : 

  They managed to get themselves noticed a couple of years ago by the Joe Strummer Foundation and this resulted in them getting a slot at this year's Glastonbury Festival. They also managed to fit in several European dates whilst they were over here.

  The song you'll see below is their most recent single, it came out in February and as with their earlier releases it's available name your price. This is really rather good, it's called Wasting Time but you certainly won't be wasting yours by checking it out....

The woman on the TV 
Telling me just what i need 
Telling me just what to buy 
You can't get in to my mind 

Credit cards are in the red 
Do not let them in your head 
Buy one buy one get one free 
Satisfaction guaranteed 

I'm just wasting time 
Thinking about you 

Pirate radio station plays 
Propaganda air waves 
You must dance now to this song 
The same beat as the last one 

But the captain says it's cool 
So I guess it must be true 
Buy one buy one get one free 
Satisfaction guaranteed 

I'm just wasting time 
Thinking about you 
And all the little things you do



Thursday, 14 September 2017

Round Eye - Billy


  Round Eye are an "experimental freak punk outfit" who formed in 2012 and are based in Shanghai. Influenced by bands and artists such as The Stooges, Captain Beefheart, John Coltrane etc their current line up features Chachy (guitar vocals), Livio (bass/vocals), Gil (guitar), Jimmy Jack (drums), Mac (tenor sax) and Robert "Gomey" Gomez (tenor sax).

  They've had an interesting existence so far, as well as touring globally and sharing a stage with the likes of Mike Watt & The Missing Men, Fleshtones, D.O.A., MDC, Paul Collins Beat etc etc etc they've also been banned from performing by the Chinese Ministry Of Culture, been the only rock band to film a video in North Korea and recorded with (Black Flag's) Greg Ginn, lo fi legensd R Stevie Moore and saxophonist Steve Mackay (Stooges/Violent Femmes....his last recordings before he passed away).

  Their most recent album came out in April on Sudden Death Records and is titled Monster Vision. It's a touch more experimental than your typical Just Some Punk Songs fare but if you're looking for something a little different then this could well be for you. Razorcake described it as the bastard offspring of The Butthole Surfers and The Fall but you can make up your own minds....

  Taken from Monster Vision, this is called Billy.....