Sunday, 27 May 2018

Hood Rats - Hostile Takeover


  One of my favourite releases of 2018 so far is Target Earth, the excellent recent album by New Zealand kings of garage rock n roll The Cavemen. It's packed with primitive stompers that are both "batshit crazy" and very tuneful ( The band that feature on today's update compare very favourably to them (which is as good a compliment as I can think of).

  Hood Rats are from Montreal and they're bringing out a new album titled Trash Party. It's going to be on one of the year's most exciting labels, Girlsville (I recently featured their reissue of Coachwhip's Night Train album and they also released a couple of excllent demos and rarities comps by The Pristeens).

  Described as a mixture of 80's hardcore and skate punk mixed with Motorhead's shredding and Rip Off Records' snottiness the album is truely wonderful. The band are a 3 piece featuring Tony Salador (drums/vocals), Troy Lockard (guitar) and JF Simoneau (bass) and boy do they kick up a racket. They're loud, fast and energetic. Their songs are short and catchy and the album will leave you panting, sweaty but baying for more. The cassette is due out on August 3rd (pre order now) but if that's too long to wait there's 10 tracks to check out on Bandcamp :

  You can also download their Digital Wasteland album (which 50THIRDAND3RD described as "balls to the wall, cut throat rock n roll") free here :

  Whilst you're at it, give them a like on Facebook. They deserve your love :

  It didn't really matter which song I posted below, they're all great but I have to choose one so this is Hostile Takeover....

Condo fever spead the virus
The upper class live right beside us
Gentrification is here to stay
Take everything I like and throw them all away

Hostile Takeover
With a bulldozer

The cost of living goes through the roof
The poor get poorer ignore the truth
Don't need no lineups and disco bars
Can't spend my welfare on caviar

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Egg Men - Outside The Shell

  Hey guys, there's a new band in town. They're called Egg Men, they feature a couple of members of Baltimore hardcore punk band Turnstile (Brendan Yates on vocals & Dan Fang on drums). Also involved are Krimewatch bassist Emma Hendry, Fury drumer Alex Samayoa and Big Bite's Allen Trainer.

  They've only released one song so far, it's on Maryland label Pop Wig Records and you can check it out here :

  I played the song on last week's Just Some Punk Songs show and one chatroom regular asked if the band featured classic crooner Roger Whittaker (he had hits many years ago with songs such as Durham Town and New World In The Morning). The (tongue in cheek) question was asked due to the whistling on the song. There's not usually a great deal of whistling in the hardcore genre but on the evidence of this, maybe there should be!

   Anyway, scramble to the bottom of the page and check it out. Hopefully they'll have more music to come (fingers crossed for an albumen!). This is eggcellent and will take some beating. It's called Outside The Shell....

Friday, 25 May 2018

Wild Animals - Interrupted Girl


  I tried my best to get a guest review for you today but I think all the people that said they would do one have been lying out in the sun topping up their tans (summer only usually lasts for a week in the UK so I can hardly blame them). This means you're stuck with me again but fear not, I've got a great song for you. It's by Wild Animals, they're from Madrid (a place where summer lasts for much longer than a week) and they're pretty damn awesome.

  An easy tag to bestow upon them is power pop but they also incorporate elements of pop punk, indie, emo, rock etc so maybe I should just describe them as a catchy as fuck trio who's members are Jamie R Green (guitar/vocals), Paula Sanchez-Lafuente (drums/vocals) and Fon Alvarez (bass). They formed in 2014 and the following year released the First Songs ep. 2016 saw the release of debut album Basements : Music To Fight Hypocrisy (excellent opening track Sleepless Sundays was the song that brought them to my attention) and now they're back with new album The Hoax. Co-released by several labels worldwide (including Lauren Records and Waterslide Records) it's also available name your price on Bandcamp :  You really need to snap it up.

  The first verse of this song is a very decent opening but once Paula's vocals kick in and things go up a notch, the hairs on my arms stand up. It's that good. In fact it's a perfect summer soundtrack that those lazy sunbathers should have blasting out as they slowly cook. This is Interrupted Girl....

2005 hearing voices that screamed: 
“kid you’re looking depressed”, this one’s not about me 

It’s about a girl on the coast at the age of sixteen, 
feeling shameful and somewhat confused: 

One night after a party waiting for a cab, 
3 girls pulled up next to me I thought it was rad, 
I was supposed to get home later I don’t know how 
but we drove off nothing to lose


Yesterday’s fear has passed 
today’s here,
now I see no gender
 only joy 

After that morning the days passed quite slow 
I was hanging up posters for a shitty show 
On the street where she worked and I hung out in hope 
of seeing her sometime soon 

I had some doubts about telling my Mum 
and I found myself hiding it from my closest ones 
Even when they found out I didn’t kiss her when about
I was just interrupting myself 

Yesterday’s fear has passed 
today’s here,
now I see no gender 
only love 

Years tumble down now I shout it out loud 
There’s just one flag of which I’m proud 
They fill their mouths with “normality”, 
but I’m not sure of what that really means 
Years tumble down now I shout it out loud 

2018, I still don’t get why 
you can still be judged on who you wanna fuck


Yesterday’s fear has passed 
today’s here,
now I see no gender
 only joy
now I see no gender
 only love

Thursday, 24 May 2018

dragSTER - Damned


  First up, a quick apology. If you're one of the lovely people that listens live to the Just Some Punk Songs show, you'll possibly know there was lots of love for the songs that featured from the chatroom folk.  If however you're one of the equally lovely people who catch up with the show when it gets saved to Mixcloud you may be wondering where it is. The reason it's not been uploaded yet is that from this week forward (till they realise I'm a crap dj or I sneak in too many songs with cunt in the title!) the shows will be broadcast by Radio Lantau ("Hong Kong's Number 1 Radio Station" As far as I know, the show will air on a Thursday and repeat on a Sunday so it will go on Mixcloud after that). As today is Thursday, it's showday so if you want to listen to punk bands from places like Coventry, Scarborough, Whitehaven etc getting played to the residents of Hong Kong, click the link to Radio Lantau at 3pm UK time (in fact, tune in at 2pm as Wayne Elliott's excellent Pulsebeat show is on before (same excellent kind of punk tunes but with a much better dj). The 2 shows go out at 9pm and 10 pm Hong Kong time so will hopefully get new Uk (and other deserving bands from around the world) talent noticed by a wider audience. 

  And now the explanation for the absence of the show from Mixcloud is out of the way, here's the bit you've come for. Today's song.....

  Possibly the song that went down the best on this week's show is from Coventry band dragSTER (I think i said on the show that they were from Blackpool, not sure where I got that from but I'll correct it here). Forming in 2004, they're a 5 piece featuring Fi Dragster (vocals), Diesel (rhythm guitar), Ben Kelly (lead guitar), Tom AK (bass) and Ryan Murphy (drums). They're about to release their 4th album (previously there's been Step Into The Deathray 2006, Here Come The Meat Robots 2010 and Dead Punk 2014.... You can find them here :

  The new album is called Anti-Everything and it'll be on Louder Than War records

  There'll also be a full UK tour on the horizon and you can get details here :

  Dark and ferocious, this suggests the album will be a belter. It's called Damned..... 

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Sex Tourists - Guts


  A song today from a Self Titled album that when I first came across it I wasn't at all sure about but which has definitely grown on me and is now a firm favourite. I played a song from it on the recent Just Some Punk Songs Drunken Sailor Records special and it stuck out like a sore thumb but went down extremely well with the folk in the chatroom (The show got as high as number 4 in a Mixcloud punk chart that often sees shows playing golden era oldies clogging up it's upper echelons so thanks to those that have checked it out

  The song is by Sex Tourists, they're a "downer synth-pop" outfit from Sydney who's line up features members of bands such as Aloha Units, Natalia And Her Naptime and Houseband and they appear to have been influenced far more by early New Order and Vietnamese funeral music! than by any of the usual likely suspects. That line up is Darius Ottignon, Ewan Finlay and Nicola Babbage.

  The album was originally released last November by local diy label Paradise Daily Records but was quickly picked up by that bastion of good taste Juice who quickly added it to the impressive roster on his Drunken Sailor label. There were a limited number of copies available on vinyl and it's also here digitally :

  You may also be interested in the "name your price" demo that came out 3 years ago on the band's own Trackside Records :

  If, after your first listen to Sex Tourists, you're like me and aren't sure, don't give up. They'll soon drill through that initial resistance and firmly implant their nagging earworms inside your head. If, like Juice and the majority of the JSPS chatroom you fall in love straight away then make sure you snap up the album. Damn this is good, it's called Guts....


Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Karkki & The Car Keys - Bankrobber (Of Your Heart) (Demo)

  It's always good to catch a promising new band just as they're getting going and on today's update we'll be doing just that as I post a song from the very first demo release by Karkki & The Car Keys. Besides the song you'll find below, there's another 2 tracks on the 3 Hits From Heaven demo cassette, just enough to whet appetites ahead of a proper release (the band will be recording their debut 7" later in the summer).

  Also this summer (July 27th/28th) is the Hori Smoku Summer Boogalo in Helsinki in which the band will be playing alongside other cool acts such as The Mummies, Marked Men, King Khan & The Shrines etc.

  The band are a Finnish 5 piece featuring Jesse from The Everybody Knows on drums (they featured on here a few weeks ago as well as Candy Lee (vocals). Jok (guitar), Pet (guitar) and Jo (bass). Think power pop, think rock n roll, think Nikki & The Corvettes and you won't be far off.

  This is Bankrobbber (Of Your Heart).... 

Monday, 21 May 2018

The Filaments - Look To The Skies

  Today you're getting the song that kicked off last night's Just Some Punk Songs show. It's the title track from the new album by Chelmsford punks The Filaments. The album will be titled Look To The Skies and it's out on the 15th June on Pirates Press Records.

  It's been 17 years since they released debut album Skull And Trombones. Album number 2, What's Next? came out in 2004 and number 3, Land Of Lions was 2013. You can check them all out here :
They previously appeared on here in 2014 with classic track B.P.C. (

  There's a release party for the new album at The Underworld Camden on June 16th at which they'll be joined by Lion's Law, The Restarts and Knuckledust. Details here :

  So what can we expect from the new album? I'm assuming it's the usual mix of great song writing, energetic punk beats augmented by trombone, sax and trumpet though on the evidence of the song below we may be getting something slightly more polished. I'm guessing fans of Rancid's Life Won't Wait may well lap it up, I'm also guessing it's going to be very good indeed.

  Drone warfare seems very much the topic under discussion here, a timely subject and one that suggests the album will get you thinking as well as dancing (as is par for the course with this band). This is called Look To The Skies...