Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Anti-Flag - Racists

  You've possibly all heard today's song. It seems to have been posted on most punk news sites and that would normally be good enough reason not to post it here but to feature something a little more obscure instead. Two reasons it is featuring today, I think it's as good a time as any to join in the chorus of voices condemning racism (or fascism, sexism, homophobia or any other discrimination against people that you might percieve as being be different to yourself). I usually try to avoid bandwagons but sometimes you have to lend your voice. Secondly, it's a bloody good song.

  I don't think I need to write an introductory paragraph on Anti-Flag, if you've been living in a cave for the last 20 plus years then look 'em up. What I will copy & paste is they statement they released following the recent violence in Charlottesville;

  We stand in solidarity with those fighting racism and fascism in the streets of Charlottesville and beyond. We believe it is time for the removal of all monuments to the confederacy and the racism for which they stand. We must put these symbols of white supremacy into places where the proper context can be provided for what they actually are; outdated, backwards, and antithetical to what we believe the values of humanity should be. It is past time to have real conversations on systemic racism and America's history of it. There are museums memorializing the holocaust all across Europe while America continues to try to hide from its racist, murderous past and present.

  This is Racists.....

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Limp Wrist - They Tell Me

  Limp Wrist formed in 1998 and are an American queercore punk band who play fast hardcore music. They're scattered across various parts of the U.S. so only gig and record occasionally but they recently got together to put out their first release in 9 years. The album is called Facades and you'll find it here :

  The current line up of the band is Martin Sorrondeguy (vocals), Scott Moore (guitar), Andrew Martini (bass) and Paul Henry (drums).

  They describe the album as "11 new trax of complete punk faggotry." It's angry, confrontational and really bloody good, or at least tracks 1 to 8 are. Once they've got you wound up tight and bouncing off the walls they do a complete u turn for the last 3 tracks and chill you back down again with 3 tracks of electro noodling you can groove out to.

  This is one of the hard hitting songs, it's called They Tell Me....

en talk about my maleness 
And how I tamper with the line 
Fem fearing cock-suckers 
(lame homosexual alphas who dislike women) 
get away 
Cuz Iain’t got the time 

Norms talk about my tricks 
And the many that I’ve had 
No commitment to the man on the cross 
Or those who follow his path. 

Left Right, Left Right, they keep pushing! 
Left Right, Left Right, they keep Pushing 
They keep pushing the left to the right, 

They talk to me about my speech 
They talk to me about my smell 
Extremists got rules for me everything 
Boring squares go to hell. 

Friends are angry with me 
Cuz we don’t see eye to eye 
On every single issue 
So now they won’t give me time. 

Left Right, Left Right, they keep pushing! 
Left Right, Left Right, they keep Pushing 
they keep pushing the left to the right, 

Left Right, Left Right, they keep pushing! 
Left Right, 

They created a box 
To squeeze all queers in 
Their definitions have flattened us 
Stay fucked and never go in.

Monday, 14 August 2017

The Hardknocks - Lion's Den


  The Hardknocks are an oi band from Los Angeles who began life in 2010 and currently line up with Anthony Oi! (vocals), David Perez (guitar), Giovanni (guitar), Myke Evil (bass) and Raybeez (drums).

  2014 saw the release through Vinyl4Bootboys Records of debut ep Confrontation. They followed this a year later with debut album Battle Scarred (available on Crowd Control Media) before returning earlier this year with the Angels & Demons ep. You can check out all these releases here :

  I played a song from Battle Scarred on yesterday's Just Some Punk Songs show ( and it went down a storm with the chatroom folk so it's about time I posted a song from Angels & Demons on here.

  As with all the best oi songs, this is hard hitting, gritty and anthemic. Come on in to The Lion's Den.....

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Joe Zero - Cezanne With Kisses

  Some of you may recall that throughout the year I've posted a number of songs from Joe Zero. Joe (aks Joe Moody) is the former frontman with golden age Belfast punk bands Victim and The Androids who is now based in Manchester making his own solo material. He's been teasing out a number of singles leading up to the release of his second solo album, The Eternity Man, and I'm pleased to bring you one of the highlights from that record today.

  Following on from a successful acoustic set at the recent Rebellion Festival in Blackpool, Joe has released The Eternity Man on cd and digital and you can find it here :

  The album is an eclectic affair with songs ranging from the excellent upbeat buzzsaw punk of Rock 'n' Roll Wars through to sea shanties and tender love ballads. Joe's crafted an album that moves away from his punk roots but doesn't totally discard them. One man, his guitar and a poet's heart, the slow teasing build up has been well worth the wait.

  The song I'm featuring below is one he wrote to for his partner and the love of his life, photographer Martine Fontaine. It's her work that graces the cover of the album her influence on him is apparent on several of it's songs. Case in point, this is Cezanne With Kisses.....

She was a mistake worth making 
At least once or twice, 
Or maybe a lifetime, who knows? 
For she makes my spine tingle 
Right down to the bone 
She is the Muse of my Song... 

Chorus. And I send her Cezanne Kisses 
Bouncing off the Moon, 
I send her Cezanne Kisses 
(Ohh, Ohh, Ohh, Ohh, Ohh ) 

I'd let the Mountains tumble 
Into the Sea 
For Eternity, and her Love; 
I'd let the Cosmos crumble 
Into the Night 
Until it starts Breathing again... 

And I send her my Heart (Heart and Soul) 
And I send her my Soul. (Heart and Soul) 
And I send her my Life (Life and Love) 
And I send her my Love. (Life and Love)

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Suburban Homes - Unemployed


  Another old favourite returns to the blog today, West Sussex lo-fi post punks Suburban Homes will soon be releasing a new single. I had heard rumours that they'd split up but happily that doesn't appear to be the case, the single will be called Unemployed and it's due next month on Total Punk Records.

  Their previous releases have all been excellent and they're often compared to classic old post punk bands such as Desperate Bicycles, Mekons and Swell Maps. Those releases were 2014's D.I.Y. ep, 2015's Conformity in The UK single and 2016's  ...Are Bored ep. You can (and should) check them all out here :

  Despite it being a couple of years since ...Are Bored, things don't seem to have gotten any better for their frustrated sounding singer. Unable to get a girlfriend due to his lack of ambition, the height of his existence is to play alone in his room. He's totally void, unemployed and feeling suicidal (though he's not even capable of managing to tie a decent knot). The medium is still tedium, he's bored of small talk and on the verge of a breakdown, welcome to suburbia in the UK 2017.

  This is Unemployed.....

Friday, 11 August 2017

Louis Lingg and the Bombs - Grindstone

  Louis Lingg And The Bombs have a new album out. The Paris band's 3rd full length is called Favela Ninja and vinyl versions will be available "sooner or later." Digitally you can find it name your price on Bandcamp

The first single from the album can be found below. As with the previous couple of times the band has appeared on this blog (Destroy Civilisation & I Wish I Was Dead), they've taken a seemingly down beat subject and turned it into an upbeat song. I asked Vocalist Josh what the single is about and he replied... "I wrote the song after two of my friends died at work (I was a teacher and it's quite a stressful profession!). The lyrics are strongly influenced by the anarchist writer Bob Black's The Abolition Of Work. That was three years ago when we started working on the album, scraping a few hours of recording here and there and always perfecting the songs... I quit my job and now I'm a full time music producer so I suppose it's a happy ending!"

  Just one of the many pop punk molotovs from the album, this is Grindstone....

On the way to work now 
I feel like a wanker 
Why did I even wake up? 
up up up up? 

Bus is full to bursting 
Legs are fucking hurting 
Why did I even wake up? 
up up up up? 

Verse 1 
Work is killing, work’s degrading 
There’s all of this stress 
Ju: No, (I’m) not going back there 
ar ax:whoa oh oh 

Creeping cretins, machine morons, 
Who the fuck ya talkin down to? 
ju: no, I'm not going back there 
ar ax: whoa oh oh 

Prechorus: Ju: (why don't you just)... 
Ju: (Just) Get yourself home now baby 
me and ju: Just get your ass back (ax +ar:) ho-o-o-o-ome 

(Nose to the) grindstone 
another fucking grindstone 
Yeah you are what you do, 
What you do degrades you, yeah yeah 

(Nose to the) grindstone 
another fucking grindstone 
You know I don’t deserve 
All of this wo-o-o-o-o-ork 

Boss is tryin’ to kill me 
but no-one else can see it 
Why did I even wake up? 
up up up up? 

Put poison in his sandwich 
Deleted all the hard drives 
Things’re fin’lly lookin’ up 
up up up up! 

total stop/pause - we should try it! 

Verse 2 
the Real enemy, 
is the totality 
Ju: Of people working 
Whoa oh oh 

homicidal way of life 
They died for their work 
ju: But work’s nothing to die for 
Whoa oh oh 

Prechorus:Ju: (why don't you just)... 
Get yourself home now baby 
Just get your ass back ho-o-o-o-ome 

(Nose to the) grindstone 
another fucking grindstone 
Yeah you are what you do 
What you do degrades you yeah yeah 

(Nose to the) grindstone 
another fucking grindstone 
You know I don’t deserve 
All of this wo-o-o-o-o-ork 


There’s no need to work now - ever! 
Why don’t we just play - together! 
If you say you're free - you lie! 
Bonehead bosses - deny! 


Discipline, the inhuman hell hole 
The ultimate head fuck, modern control 
Demeaning system of domination 
Work makes a mockery - of freedom 

Chorus X2 - 
(Nose to the) grindstone 
Another fucking grindstone 
Yeah you are what you do 
What you do degrades you yeah yeah 

(Nose to the) grindstone 
another fucking grindstone 
You know I don’t deserve 
All of this wo-o-o-o-o-ork 


Thursday, 10 August 2017

Interview With The SoapGirls

  A big thank you today to Mille and Mie (aka The SoapGirls) for answering my questions. Despite being very friendly and a joy to chat to they're a band that are no strangers to controversy. They're very enthusiatic about their music and their hard work is gaining them an ever growing fanbase.

  If you want to learn more or check out their music here's a few handy links :

  Just Some Punk Songs :

 Hello, please could you start off by introducing yourselves and tell me something of your time performing on the streets of Cape Town....

  The Soapgirls : 

We are Mille and Mie born in Paris,spent our formative years in France before moving to South Africa!! As young girls we were always aware of the needs and plights of other people as it's so apparent in South Africa and at ages 8 and 9 we embarked on a project to make a difference and hence started street performing selling home made soap in order to raise funds for public hospitals and other projects!! This project spanned more than 8 years and thus the public named us the Soap Girls

  JSPS :

 When and why did you decide to take your music to Europe and which countries have you had most success in so far?

 TS :

We were signed to Universal Music when we were 14/15 years old and after 4 years with some pop hits decided it was time to get away as we didnt like being controlled and packaged in a way that was nothing to do with who we were as people nor what we stood for. We then went to New York, recorded another album, still weren't happy as they seemed to want to keep us for the electro dance pop market too and so turned down a deal and flew back to Cape Town. An englishman approached us about coming to UK and we then made the decision to just do it so 3 years ago we embarked on our first UK tour after recording our album Calls For Rebellion (done in 3 days) .We have toured Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and UK. We LOVE the UK its the heart of rocknrooll, punk and the love of live music is inspiring! On the topic of South Africa it represents only 1% of the music market worldwide. Anything more we wont say at this moment in our lives. We are very anti government, very vocal about adressing issues that many fear to. We do this either through our music or performance and we challenge the status quo of society. We will fight and bring attention to social ills like Judgement and the fact that there is such sexism in the industry and animal cruelty in particular commercial farming the policies that governments pass in order to further their careers and line pockets at the detriment to the working class who work harder yet get poorer as time goes by so we are all about giving a voice. Another issue we try to address is the female body/nudity as society seems to be ok with a bare chested man but if its a female there is an outcry WHY is a females body reserved for sexualising? that nudity is reserved for porn industry?

  JSPS :

 We seem nowadays to live in a very po-faced society with people keen to take offence at virtually anything. Some people can't cope with you wearing very little on stage and I believe you've even been attacked for it. Is it still a problem or are people more accepting now?

  TS :

 Yes indeed it is. Interestingly enough its not the lack or the amount of dress we wear in fact as young girls street performing we took a lot of abuse from society about our "homemade" clothes even the media would belittle us. At the end of the day the clothing is just an excuse so it seems to have an angle to hate on or attack anything or anyone who stands out and is different. We have been on this road for all these years with the ugly side being the unwarranted abuse and outpuring of hatred like a fest feast for bullies that breed in a society who only look at things in boxes so again if it doesnt fit then they ostracise. Yes we got attacked horridly, physically on a tour in the UK whereby the owner had come upon our teenage career and made a decision as he put it to book us to teach us a lesson and so he ordered us to be attacked whilst we were mid song in a set and he justified it by saying that we are sellout sluts damaging to the feminist movement (this coming from a man and moreover a man who had never even met us nor been at a show). Even recently the latest abuse has been as always targeted at me, Mille, a woman even came up to me a few shows ago and said she had a bet on with her friends whether I was male or female so when I was playing I pulled my tampon out and bled all over during the set, I guess that might have given her the answer she was looking for. Its indeed a fight that is still as prevalent today as it was a century ago that women need to fight, that women have the right to as much freedom of expression as our male counterparts. On a positive note we have begun to see a big upsurge in female support, many woman are now standing strongly behind us and we are told often how we inspire them to stand up and how proud we make them to be female.

The youth certainly get it they get the message perhaps us being part of the youth means a lot to them too! Society needs a change and we feel that there is a big uprising starting and the change of perceptions is coming that people have had enough of the system and have much to say and are becoming more emboldened to speak out! We are Societys Rejects and we are proud to be rejected by a society that feels ok to bully, abuse and stand for nothing. A society that doesn't seem to mind or want to see the cruelty inflicted via governement policies on the most vulnerable of our society for example take the meat industry the suffering of the farm animals how can this be acceptable. Look at the plight of most of the elderly the staggering abuse of children


 Most days a new video clip of you seems to pop up on my Facebook feed. Your life appears to be a non stop barrel of laughs. Is this just a part of the SoapGirls act or are you still as much fun when the camera is off? Is it easy to blend your fun side with the seriousness of the topics you sing about?

  TS : 

Everything you see and hear is raw real from the music to our live videos hence they are live unscripted and we just have a really wacky sense of humour and we prefer to adress the ugly side of society through humour and by the time people have watched it takes a while to sink in that we have actually been putting out a message. Take our latest video it was hilariously ridiculous, showed society for being all it was in so many ways. When we went out and about in Blackpool there was a candy store and in that candy store lots of little kids running about and stands full of life sized candy cocks so we bought some for perhaps use onstage in a show we didn't think much of it but last night we did our weekly tub updates where we're in our underwear and either tape or cover of some sorts. We share with our fans the week that has been the highlights and the lows and in particular we like doing this because the reaction is important. Its important because currently there are many youth and non youth being bullied via social media to the extent that some have taken their lives so we put ourselves out there so others can see the hatred that comes in the comments and the reactions and how we handle it and still keep on doing what we are doing. We hope to give strength to people to stand up and put themselves out there because no matter what you do you will always receive as much hate as you do acceptance. Besides we like poking fun at ourselves and showing there is no fear in being rejected by a society that has very little worth :) So love it or hate it tub updates every Monday 6pm lol and yip we will piss some off

Johnny rotten


 The fear of being rejected by society brings us nicely to your new album (Society's Rejects). I've got it back in my car cd player to get me in the zone for this interview and I can highly recommend it. Here's your opportunity to tell people who might not be familiar with The SoapGirls why they should check it out...

  TS :

It means so much to us everytime we hear or know how someone has connected to our music.We are our music, everything we have experienced and lived through is in our music. It's more angry and sometimes sad and of course there is humour but its raw, it's real and no pretence. In fact when we write we dont even consider if the song we're writing or if the arrangement will make sense. There is no formula to real life as much as there is no formula to how we write or compose/arrange our music and we keep it real so we record and then just get it mixed. We dont ever want big production and anything that we cannot bring to our live performances. Our album is all about keeping it real and not having concern whether others will accept it or not, we love our music because it reflects everything about us and mostly it's just about standing up and saying "HEY! I'm a reject" and being cool with it:) We also have created our own genre, Revolt Rock, because no matter the stage or who we share it with we dont fit into any box neither musically or as people.


 You recently played the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool. How did that go?

  TS : 

Rebellion Festival was a huge milestone for us and another childhood dream become a reality! When we first heard that we were playing the festival I, Mie, burst into tears and Mille and me jumped around screaming because for us Rebellion encompasses all we stand for and believe in, that being freedom and embracing individualism. Being bullied and shunned for so many years right from our beginning years age 8/9 when we started out street performing we have had to block out from society and at times it has been emotionally very hard for us so performing Rebellion equated to a big fuck you finger for us :) We were so uncertain what to expect and as always we try keep a blank slate before a show and because this one meant so much to us, even more so. The shows we did went down so well we got so many new fans and met some amazing people. We were blown away by the whole festival itself, so much so that we had to go back even the day we weren't performing. It was almost as if we had found somehwere that could resonate with our hearts. The acceptance, non judgment of all we met and saw not just of us but of anyone & everyone that was there. The atmosphere was happy, embracing and is definitely a festival that made a beautiful mark on us not to mention that right down to all the staff, organisers everyone was as a family or a team if you will. We are still smiling and will draw back on our experience of the festival in any dark moments that we might encounter along the way forward.

Bad Bitch


 One question I usually ask to my interviewees, is there a question you wish interviewers would ask you?

  TS :

 YES! If we had looked into a glass ball and seen the challenges we have faced would we still have kept doing things as we have done or would we have changed? Our answer would have been YES we would not change a thing! :)

  JSPS :

 And Finally.... What next for The Soapgirls?

  TS :

We are often asked this question and sometimes we feel a blank come over us because living the life we do on tour for most of the year we live life in the now and everyday is literally a blank slate and just putting one foot forward but so saying our hope dreams goals would be to be enabled to continue growing as musicians to keep on doing what we do and be able to release many more albums. Our way of life is so far removed from normalcy that its really frightening to try to live into a future that for most wont make sense! We are currently into our 4th month on the road touring and have another almost 4 to go and then we take a break to write and prepare for the next tour. Each year the tour gets bigger and madder, we are supposed to be going to Japan and USA and then there is Eastern Europe too so we're definitely excited about new challenges/territories and of course the fans who mean the world to us and it's an ever growing family .

Rather Be Dead