Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Fea - Feminazi

  Fea are from San Antonio, Texas and feature Phanie Diaz (drums), Jenn Alva (bass), Letty Martinez (vocals) and Aaron Magana (guitar). Diaz and Alva were previously members of Girl In A Coma.

  They recently released their self titled debut album on Joan Jett's Blackheart Records. It was awarded 4 and a half stars by PunkNews.Org who proclaimed it a pitch perfect revival of the riot grrrl genre with a new spin for a new generation. The album (currently riding high in the College Radio chart) is dedicated to those who feel they can't stand up for themselves. It's a shout out that we can all be anything that we want to be. The band are out on the road with punk legends Agent Orange so watch out for them if they're anywhere near you.

  The first single was produced by Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace and is both catchy and sadly all too relevant. It's called Feminazi.....

Monday, 22 August 2016

Action Pact - London Bouncers

An old one today......

  Action Pact formed back in 1981 as The Bad Samaritans (they changed their name after schoolgirl George Cheex took over vocal duties) in Stanwell, Middlesex. They debuted with The Heathrow Touchdown ep, a split that also featured Dead Man's Shadow. As was often the case in those days, they came to the attention of John Peel who played them to death and got them in to record a session. The session helped them get a deal with Fallout Records and led to the release of 1982's Suicide Bag ep.

  They stayed with Fallout and over the course of the next couple of years had another 5 indie chart hits plus a couple of albums, Mercury Theatre - On The Art and Survival Of The Fattest. They called it a day in the mid 80's after Cheex quit during rehearsals for a third album.

  Earlier this year, guitarist Des "Wild Planet" Stanley sadly passed away. Today's song is for him.

  This is London Bouncers.....

London bouncers, this is for you
We don't like the things you do
London bouncers love their power
Turn a good evening really sour

London bouncers are bully boys
Breaking bones like they were toys
London bouncers full of abuse
They just need the slightest excuse
Don't accuse me of being petty
When theses people overact their roles
They've been known to kill a man
Don't forget poor Henry Bowles

London bouncers antagonise
Lay their bait for you to rise
London Bouncers love their chores
Beat you up behind closed doors

London bouncers feel they've a right
Push you around, spoil your night
London Bouncers got a heavy hand
They're the same all over the land
Don't accuse me of being petty
When these people overact their roles
They've been known to kill a man
Don't forget poor Henry Bowles

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Grit - Pauline

  Short and sweet today as I know nothing about Grit other than that they're a female fronted punk band from Dublin. Recently they released their debut demo ep which is titled Ghost Estates and you can find it "name your price" here : https://gritdublin.bandcamp.com/album/demo.

  I've seen a good few people praising the vocals and calling for a label to snap them up so I'd say they're definitely ones to watch out for.

  From the ep, this is a warning to a friend that her new boyfriend is no good, it's called Pauline.....

Pauline's got a new bloke, what a wanker 
Where'd she pick him up? scroungy bastard 
Put his hand up my skirt, sleazy scumbag 
Lazy parasite, fucking ex-squaddie 
She's no confidence, same old story 
Thinks he knows the lot, what a dickhead 
Tries to show her up, macho bastard 
Take your warning, sling your hook mate 

I don't want to lose my friend 
Cos her bloke is a dickhead 
And he ruins the night when he shows up 
Pauline, you're in a rut 

Listen up now, she's our friend. 
Got her back 'til the end 
And you'll rue the night, if you show up 
Sling it, just sling your hook 

Pauline, you're in a rut 
He's no good for you

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Art Departmento (Mongorellis)


  A while back I posted a great song called Politician Death Camp by Massachusetts old school pop punkers Mongorellis (http://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/mongorellis-politician-death-camp.html). Influenced by the likes of The Ramones and The Stooges they describe their sound as Fast Punk. Fun, Fun..... Loud Amps, Fast Riffs. If you want to check them out, their debut ep, People Zoo, is available on Bandcamp : http://mongorellis.bandcamp.com/album/people-zoo

  The guitarist with the band goes by the name Art Departmento and he was kind enough to share his 10 favourite songs so without further ado, over to you Art.....

 1) RAMONES - I Wanted Everything

 2) BLACK FLAG - Jealous Again

 3) ANGRY SAMOANS - Gas Chamber

 4) RIVERDALES - Outta Sight

 5) EASTERN DARK - Johnny And Dee Dee

 6) MC5 - American Ruse

 7) THE KINKS - All Day And All Of The Night

 8) JOE JACKSON - Is She Really Going Out With Him

 9) THE METHADONES - Sorry To Keep You Waiting

10) HUNTINGTONS - Hooray For You

Friday, 19 August 2016

The Uncouth - Madness On The Streets

  The Uncouth are a hard hitting Oi band from Kansas City, Missouri who formed in 2010. The line up has seen frequent changes since then but is now settled and consists of Cody Blanchard (lead vocals/guitar), CJ Wilson (lead guitar/vocals), Todd Rainey (drums) and Steve Gardels (bass). There's been a resurgence in recent years in modern sounding Oi music and I think I'd have to say that these guys are showing the potential to be as good as any of the new bands.

  Last year they released their debut single, KC United (which featured a cover of the Slade classic Gudbuy T'Jane on the flip) and good as that was, they've topped it with new ep Jonesy's War. It's available on vinyl through Teenage Heart Records or you can find it on Bandcamp here : http://theuncouth.bandcamp.com/album/jonesys-war-ep

  The song I'm posting today is the lead track from the new ep and it's a timely rail against police violence and the ensuing demonstrations that result from that heavy handedness, it's called Madness On The Streets.....

Here come the riot cops Faceless clones in black Tasers, clubs, and pepper spray And rifles on their backs Mindless fucking footsoldiers Following commands Foaming at the mouth To get some blood upon their hands Madness on the streets Madness on the streets Madness on the streets Madness on the streets The angry mob is on the march Ready to attack Taken your shit long enough They're here to give it back Molotovs, burning cars Stones and shattered glass Madness on the streets tonight You better watch your back Madness on the streets Madness on the streets Madness on the streets Madness on the streets Madness on the streets Madness on the streets Madness on the streets It’s fucking madness on the streets

Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Dops - Merry-Go-Round


  Another day, another band that are heavily influenced by The Ramones. Life is good.

  The Dops are an old school pop punk band from Kharkiv, Ukraine. I think they've been together for a couple of years and looking at the rather splendid Ramones Medley video that they put out there appears to be three of them in the band although Facebook only lists two; Pavel Terebuntsev (lead vocals/guitar) and Vlad Nikolaenko (bass/backing vocals). Here's the Ramones Medley video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqPQ6EsFwcQ

  In January they released their debut ep, Shucks! It features the single, Friday Night and a cover of The Ramones' Rockaway Beach, amongst it's 8 tracks. You can check it out on Bandcamp (where you'll also find the Ramones Medley) https://thedops.bandcamp.com/track/ramones-medley

  Now they're set to conquer the Western Hemisphere. The ep has been picked up by the excellent Outloud! label who have the cd version now available : http://outloudrecords.bandcamp.com/album/shucks

  This is a catchy little number called Merry-Go-Round......


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Batfoot! - At The Alley

  Batfoot! are your typical American old school pop punk band reminiscent of the likes of Kobanes or early Teenage Bottlerocket etc. Fast paced, fun, with often wonderfully juvenile lyrics. They write songs about girls being psychopaths, being down in the basement, staying off work, girls being "the one" etc. Everything we've come to love from this sort of Ramones loving U.S. breed of band. The surprising thing is, they're from Sydney, Australia. And they're bloody good.

  Featuring Craig (bass/vocals), Justin (guitar/vocals), Jimmy (drums) and Luke (guitar/vocals), they've been together since 2008 and they've a bunch of releases over on Bandcamp for you to check out :  https://batfoot.bandcamp.com/album/

  Their latest album, one of the best of the year so far, is out now on Atomic Brain Records (Aus/NZ) and Bloated Kat Records (North America/Europe/Asia). Here's a song from it, At The Alley.....