Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Chaneys - Lycanthropia


  Forming last Halloween's Eve, Chaneys are from Moscow and as they sing about ghosts, werewolves and bloody murders etc. I suppose it's fair to call them a horror punk band. They line up with Gleb Kasady (guitar/vocals, keyboards), John Doe #27 (bass/backing vocals), Myers (guitar) and xDildox (drums). Influences include The Misfits, Blitzkid, Balzac, Send More Paramedics and The Lillingtons.

  They had a song featured on the recent Outloud! Records' Killer Tunes comp  https://outloudrecords.bandcamp.com/album/killer-tunes and have also released a debut 6 track ep titled Legacy. If you like your punk music to be from the bowels of hell then this is for you, it's a name your price download so snap it up :  https://chaneys.bandcamp.com/album/legacy

  They'll soon be clawing their way out of their coffins to tour round their native country and you can check out dates on Facebook, as with all new bands they'd no doubt be grateful if you'd give them a Like : https://www.facebook.com/ChaneysMusic/

  The song I've chosen to highlight today is the 3rd track on the ep, it's got a catchy as hell chorus and as the legendary Lon Chaney Jr was best known for his portrayal of the wolfman in the Universal classics maybe these guys will become best known for their werewolf song. This is Lycanthropia...

Feels like I’m going to change
I ceased to recognize myself
Believe me, we’re not the same
The different kind of my shape

Lycanthropia, I’m awed by the moonlight
Another world for me, I’m not used to hide

I’m filled with hunger and thirst
An endless heat is inside
We’re not the same anymore
Pale face with dim and dry eyes

Lycanthropia, I’m awed by the moonlight
Another world for me, I’m not used to hide

Oh, Lycanthropia, I’m awed by the moonlight
Another world for me and I’m not used to hide
I’m awed by the moonlight
Another world


Monday, 24 September 2018

Vista Blue - Don't Go Out With Judy (She'll Break Your Heart)

  Judy. The Ramones claimed she was a runt, a juvenile delinquent who went with a punk called Jackie down to San Francisco and joined the infamous Patty Hearst kidnapping group the SLA. Immortalised in a song that contains possibly punk rock's best ever line ("second verse, same as the first").

  Judy. Not sure if she's the same girl, possibly her at an earlier stage of her life,  but according to Vista Blue, she's a narcissistic heartbreaker. You might think she's the hottest chick in school but give her a wide bearth.

  Another month, another song from Vista Blue. This time around Mike and co have released an ep titled ...And You Have A Pizza. Eschewing their usual baseball themed tropes, this time around it's 6 power pop tunes about girls and relationships. The kind of songs Mike wrote for his previous bands The Loblaws and The Robinsons. There's even a cover of the Beach Boys' classic It's Ok on there. But as soon as I saw one of the songs was about Judy, that was always going to be the highlight.

  Snap it up here : https://wearevistablue.bandcamp.com/album/and-you-have-a-pizza

  Don't Go Out With Judy (She'll Break Your Heart)...

Sunday, 23 September 2018

BB and the Blips - Lucky Country

  Bryony Beynon has previously featured on here as a member of London band Good Throb (the memorably titled The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock featured in the Just Some Punk Songs Top 10 songs of 2016 and was written about here:  http://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.com/2016/07/good-throb-queen-sucks-nazi-cock.html  whilst the equally wonderful Bag was an early post back in 2014 :  https://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.com/2014/03/good-throb-bag.html). Before Good Throb she'd been in The Sceptres.

  Since then she's relocated to Sydney, Australia and now fronts excellent new band BB and the Blips. As well as Bryony's distinctive vocals the band also features Ben (drums), Max (bass), Rowena (guitar) and Will (guitar). They announced themselves earlier this year with an impressive demo (https://bbandtheblips.bandcamp.com/releases) and have now released debut album, Shame Job. They're also going to be spending next month touring America and you can check the dates here :  https://www.facebook.com/events/550753105338422/

  Shame Job contains 10 tracks that combine elements of hardcore and post punk. It's a thrilling concoction, the songs are "an investigation into the uses and abuses of shame in various contexts, from nations and prisons to family and sex..." Musically great but the highlight is Bryony's vocal performance. If you think she sounds familiar but haven't previously heard either BB and the Blips or Good Throb maybe you heard her superb song Black Cardigans that's going to be a highlight of the upcoming compilation album Raise Your Voice Joyce : Contemporary Shouts From Contemporary Voices :  https://staticshockrecords.bandcamp.com/track/bryony-beynon-black-cardigans

  I could have posted any of the songs from Shame Job below, they're all winners but I've decided to go with Lucky Country...

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Felons - Pacing


  Back in June Southend On Sea 3 piece Felons released a very good debut ep titled Creeps and it proved very popular when I featured it on here :  https://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.com/2018/07/felons-breakdown.html A couple of days ago they dropped ep number 2 and happily the band are living up to that early promise. The new ep is titled Violent Society and it features another 3 raw punk bangers. This is a band that don't fuck about, their songs are passionate, short and yet still very catchy. Definitely one of the best up and coming new bands from the UK.

  You can order the cd now for a couple of quid (it looks like they'll also throw in the debut ep plus some badges and stickers) or alternatively download it name your price here : https://felonspunx.bandcamp.com/album/violent-society

  They've a few shows lined up in support of the ep and you can find details here : https://www.facebook.com/felonsband/

  All 3 tracks on Violent Society are great. I was going to post the blistering title track today but as they've just released a video for track number 2 I'll go with that instead (don't just watch the video though, get over to Bandcamp and listen to the other songs, they're equally as good if not better). This is Pacing... 

Friday, 21 September 2018

Flanders 72 - Nineties


  Some of you may have noticed that Sunday's Just Some Punk Songs show is going to be another pop punk special. The last one from a couple of months ago went down well and I've had requests to do another so I'll be playing a different bunch of bands (28 in total) and you can find details here :  https://youtu.be/Vf5lYy2s1dA  It'll be a mix of older songs with a few new releases sprinkled in, one of those new releases being by the band I'm featuring today.

 Flanders 72 are a Ramones influenced 3 piece from Sao Leopoldo who have just released their 4th album. They line up with Paulinho (vocals/guitar), Lippstein (bass/vocals) and Big Mike (drums), the new album is titled This Is A Punk Rock Club and like their previous releases it's on Bandcamp :  https://flanders72.bandcamp.com/album/this-is-a-punk-rock-club

  You can get more info here : https://www.facebook.com/Flanders72/

  This Is A Punk Rock Club is great fun, the songs are catchy, the influences are obvious and the production is pretty much spot on for this genre. Some songs are more serious than others but they're all a blast. If you were introduced to punk in the 90's then I think you'll appreciate this song. Check out the lyrics and see if you recognise your formative years. Even though Flanders 72 are from Brazil, the punk scene is global so wherever you grew up you'll have the same fondness for a healthy and vibrant scene as they have. It'll be a different song on Sunday's show but today you're getting a nostalgic look back, this is Nineties... 

I remember walking down the streets
playing my walkman again and again
side A Nimrod, Side B Smash
I also had Mxpx on cassette

Going to school early in the morning was all I had to do
Enjoying the whole day with my friends
no worries about life yeah

Would you like to come back to the 90's?
enjoy at least one entire day
Would you like to come back to the 90's with me?

When I was a teenager, I didn't care about math
I used to spent my time writing band's names on the desk
I wanted to be like Joe Queer, Joey Ramone, Billie Joe
and be in a band

Damn god we are getting old
Some of us got grumpy and bald
I wish I could come back in time
to have again the time of life

to the 90's
91 "My brain hurts"
92 "Mondo bizarro"
93 "Love Songs for the Retarded"
94 "Dookie"
95 "And Out Come the Wolves"
96 "Life in General"
97 "So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes"
98 "Americana"
99 the end of an era

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Small Gods - Resink


  Despite not being on the coast, the Hampshire town of Basingstoke is home to beach punk rock n roll band Small Gods. There's no waves in Basingstoke but there is a very decent "Surf" punk band. Their (I'm guessing) debut release was 2017's (name your price) Wake Up Dreaming ep, this was followed up a couple of months ago with the Last Wave ep. At the time of recording the band were a 3 piece (Jez, Ollie, Addy) and as well as being released digitally there was a limited edition transparent snot green cassette :  https://smallgods.bandcamp.com/album/last-wave

  You can get more info on them here :  https://www.facebook.com/smallgodsgaragepunk/

  Listening to Last Wave, I didn't really hear much in the way of surf punk. They certainly don't bring to my mind images of sunshine, bikini clad babes or crashing waves. Having said that, I suppose the title track does have a chorus that goes "riding the last wave..." even though it's more garage (with a Pixies vibe) than seaside to my grizzled old ears. But who cares, the songs are good and the band are well worth checking out.

  They've recently released a video (for the song I played on Tuesday's Just Some Punk Songs show). Pounding drums, urgent metronomicallity (if that's a word), passionate vocals. This is Resink... 

I’m going to choke,
And I’m broke.

I keep it coming, I keep it coming,
Tic toc tic toc tic toc, no.
I keep it coming, I keep it coming,
Tic toc tic toc tic toc.

I’m going to choke.
And it’s a joke.
And I’m broke.

I keep it coming, I keep it coming,
Tic toc tic toc tic toc, no.
I keep it coming, I keep it coming,
Tic toc tic toc tic toc,
I don’t want to watch the clock.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Debt Neglector - Go Fund Yourself

  Debt Neglector hate nazis and white supremacists, complain about the evils of the capitalistic systems that are destroying our society, healthcare and quality of life but they do have a liking for a bunch of cool bands (Descendents, Dead To Me, Dillinger Four, Bad Religion, Marked Men). Oh, and snacks (though I'm not sure if they like them or dislike them, I'm guessing like?). Other info imparted on their Facebook page includes their location (Orlando), line up; Alex Goldfarb
(once a member of New Mexican Disaster Squad), Chris Pfister, Zach Anderson and Matt Burns) and date of formation (2016). Just over a year ago Smartpunk Reords released their debut album, Atomicland ("an excellent punk rocker of an album...tight, aggressive, bright and powerful" said Punk Online), and the same label will be putting out new ep, The Kids Are Pissed. A title that sums up the feelings of the youth of today, it'll be available on October 26th, pre order here :  https://debtneglector.bandcamp.com/album/the-kids-are-pissed

  You can get details of the one sided picture disc, tour dates and have the chance to win 2 weekend passes to The Fest here :  https://www.facebook.com/DebtNeglector/

  So what's the new song like? Well if you're a fan of the bands listed above there's every chance you'll think it's pretty damn good. Shining a light on the fucked up way that the US spends shitloads of cash on weaponry whilst leaving their ill and needy citizens to pretty much ruin themselves financially splashing out to pay for exhorbitant health care, this is called Go Fund Yourself...

They say we can’t afford it Better ration your insulin or you’ll get screwed again Hope you don’t need prescriptions Or find a way to get imported medicine Don’t you know we’ve got a big surplus of bombs And kids with cancer bankrupting their dads and moms? Go fund yourself Go fuck yourself What now? There’s no one left who Who’s gonna watch as you indie-a-go-go dance Decide if you’re worthy (if you’re worthy) You have to sit and beg with your hat in your hands