Monday, 15 January 2018

Orange Bomb - School Disco

  Orange Bomb are a 4 piece D.I.Y. punk pop garageband from Surrey featuring a line up of Martin Holmes (vocals), Rob Allbeury (guitar), Matt Harriman (drums) and Andy Marling (bass). Originally a duo formed from the ashes of The Wot Nots their debut album was titled (One) and you can check it out here :

  The follow up, featuring the expanded line up, was titled Brighton and is available here :

  Last March they returned with album number 3, it's called Pop Heavy and it's more of the usual catchy melodies combined with pithy lyrics. Expect Wry Observationalistic alt stylings rather than typically glossy pop punk. It's storytelling with quirky characters and plenty of nostalgia. It'll leave you with a warm glow. They're always looking for good gigs with likeminded bands so if you can help then give them a shout.

  This song is about a chap called Richard Household who invented a girlfriend and to avoid being caught out at the school disco he told everyone she had died. With lyrical couplets such as "Up to number 3 The Jam's Eton Rifles, Tracy's breasts wobbling like trifles" and shout outs to the likes of Midge Ure, Haircut 100, Boy George (he must be a girl!) etc, it'll transport you back in time.

  This is School Disco....

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Savage Beat - Trench Warfare


  Savage Beat are one of numerous exciting new oi/street punk bands that are currently springing up from all corners of the globe. They're from Amsterdam and were formed by songwriter/bassist Rogier Heumakers who has previously been in bands such as The Shining, Rupsband, Rinus Michels, Open Wounds etc.

  He's put together a line up featuring ex Wanderlust members Paul Helmus (guitar) and Lionn (drums) plus guitarist Steven Van Der Werff ( Lords Of Altamont) and lead vocalist Marko Petrovic ( The Works).

  Last year they released their debut ep, it's titled Trench Warfare and it's available through French independent label Evil Has Landed Records, Rebellion Records or name your price on Bandcamp :

  The ep features 6 tracks top notch of rock n oi music about drinking all night long, being sick of everything (most of all you) and questioning what you're gonna do when the pressure's on. The vocals are in your face and whilst not being quite as retro sounding as Hard Wax, the music is rooted in old style classic rock n roll with a hint of glam. All in all definitely a band to watch out for (I hear they're planning to be back in the recording studio soon).

  This is the title track of the ep, it's about the cruelty of war with generations of young men being sent to die in the trenches. It combines hard hitting commentary with one hell of a chorus and it's called Trench Warfare.....

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Interview With Stuart Marsden (Wolf Bites Boy)

  Today's update is an interview with Wolf Bites Boy vocalist Stuart Marsden in which he chats about his upbringing, the origins of the band, the new split album with a band from Brazil, a new band member and some upcoming acoustic shows.

  I'm pretty sure most of you will have seen Wolf Bites Boy featured on here before but just in case here's links to their Facebook page and shop :


How did Wolf Bites Boy come about?
How did wolf bite boy come about?wlf bites boy come about?
  Ho did wolf bitesboy come about?

 Well, Roblad (Rob Walker) and Paul (Hankey) had been talking about starting a music collective and asked if I'd be interested, after chatting a bit online we started sharing some old songs we recorded together back in the late 90's when we were in a band called Senseless. We decided to forget about the collective and look at rehearsing some of the old tracks, it then began to snowball very quickly with us making a couple of music videos and writing new material.

Stevie Boy


Where did the name wolf bites boy come from?
Where did the name wolf bites boy come from?

SM :

When Senseless split in early 2000 our bass player 'Fieldsy' wanted to carry on and asked if he could continue using the name and some of the songs, so when we started playing again in 2014 we wanted to come back with a different sound and a new name, we all threw about some names but one of Paul's ideas stuck and we all decided on Wolf Bites Boy

Back Street Kids


How would you describe your sound? Oi or street punk? Is there a difference between them?

SM :

It's not typically Oi but that's probably due to most people's perspective of what Oi should sound like, for me we have a sound that's got aspects of various different styles, from melodic sounding street punk to ska punk and some raw sounding Oi in the mix. There's not a great deal of difference between Oi and street punk except some people think street punk has a more melodic sound to it yet the founders of Oi all had a melodic sound

Wear Your Heart With Pride


What inspires you when writing songs? I notice many WBB songs are nostalgic looks back at days gone by

SM :

Yeah at lot of the tracks have been kind of nostalgic especially as me and Roblad have been mates for about 27 years we share a lot of the memories. Some songs are about the usual day to day struggles of the normal family man and then there's the odd one that you write about something personal that's affected your life in some way.

Fighting On


Were you a stereotypical back street kid, Dr Martens, gangs, music and football?

SM :

Yes, when I was growing up on the council estate that consisted of only 3 streets there were a group of skinhead lads and me and my mate Jase thought they were ace, my mum wouldn't let me have proper DM's until I was 8 so had to settle for monkey boots. I was a proper little shit as a kid and always ended up being taken home by the local bobby until I ended up in court and my mate ended up on the road to ruin with drugs, that was my wake up call, I've only been in trouble a couple of times since then. Music was always massive to me and my parents played a big role in what I listened to early on, dad was a big Bob Marley fan so that was always on until they split in 81, mum was a fan of some right crap like ABBA, but also some cool stuff like Slade and Bowie. I pissed the whole family when I turned up to their traditional team Stoke City and chose to support Port Vale after watching them beat Spurs back in the early '80's and still support them now!!!

I'll Be There For You


I've just looked for Port Vale on the map. Is it a fictional team like Melchester Rovers or that team arthur fowler supported in eastenders?

SM :

Hahaha as a Leeds United fan you've definitely heard of us, in fact our current manager came to us as a player from Leeds

What Do I Get


Your debut album Family Isn't Always Blood was my favourite of 2015. Not wanting to put you out of a job but I enjoyed the female vocals on What Do I Get? Who was the singer and is this something you'd do again? Also I think a Wbb ska ep would be great.

SM :

The female vocals were done by a lady called Sheena, she was a singer in a band that Paul was in, I was supposed to be sharing the vocals on the track but I didn't like the song so didn't do it. Sheena also did some vocals on the cd track Against The Grain and the Bob Marley cover, Running Away. I don't thnk it's something that we will do again but never say never.

99 Things To Do


It seems to have been a long time coming but you're gearing up for the release of a split album with Fibonattis. Tell me about that and about how a band from Stoke hooks up with one from Brazil.

SM :

Well Fibonattis contacted us on our Facebook page and asked if we'd be up for releasing some tracks with them. They sent some videos of what they'd already released which we all liked so we agreed. We then decided it would be good fun to record a cover track of each other. Fibonattis do a cover of our track Streets That I Call Home and we've covered their track Velhos Tapos, which translates to Old Rags and on translating the whole song it follows a similar vein to Streets. The CD has been released through The Firm Records in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

When We Were Young


Is it going to be released over here or do people have to order it from brazil?

SM :

The cd is available from our website musicglue/wolf-bites-boy as well as Fibonattis and The Firm Records in Brazil

Next Generation


You recently underwent a line up change?

SM :

Yes myself, Roblad and Rob Passey were feeling like Paul was taking over all decisions and not acting in the bands best interest, he would answer questions in interviews on our behalf without asking and decided a lot of things before bringing them to the table for discussion. We brought in an old friend of mine and Roblad's, Rick Wright. We'd been in bands with Rick since the early 90's and he even recorded a version of Rise Again with me and Roblad back in 2001.


What's next for WBB?

SM :

Next for WBB is that we plan on going back in the studio in the next few months and plan on recording an EP with the current line up, some songs are already written and some are actually lyrics given to us by other writers, we just arranged the music, plus there will be something different on there. We're looking forward to the next few gigs as we try an acoustic set to add a little diversity and playing in some new places with bands we haven't played with, like the Leicester gig in February with The Glory and loads of others.


Cheers Stuart

Velhos Trapos

Friday, 12 January 2018

BRAIN ANGUISH - Smells Like Middle Aged Angst (Guest Review By Tony SD Whatley)


  Tony SD Whatley aka Tony Suspect is the man behind the excellent Suspect Device zine. If you love your punk music loud and hard then you're probably already familiar with the zine but if you've not come across it yet then you should click here : 

  One of the things to watch out for are the regular podcasts that Suspect Device put out. I was listening to the latest one, a round up of some of 2017's best releases, when I got to the closing track and thought "Damn! I need that on the blog." I also thought I'd ask Tony to do it justice by penning the review.

  Here's the Podcast for you to enjoy, download and share around....

  And here's Tony's review of a great song from a very promising band....

BRAIN ANGUISH - Smells Like Middle-Aged Angst

If ever there was a song that perfectly captured how I feel about the world in 2017, it’s this one. To set the tone, Brain Anguish are a two piece - Brian (Disaffect) and Angus (Sedition) - who are old enough to remember the dark days of Thatcher’s Britain, so to get to the 21st Century and find that things haven’t moved on much is enough to make you want to shout. And they do; the first two lines are “Feels like we’re back in the 1980s / We’re still angry, we’re still angry!”

The music is a driving and hard hitting punk rock masterpiece, all chugging, chunky guitars with gruff and desperate sounding duel vocals hammering the angry lyrics home, and if you didn’t know they utilise a drum machine you’d have thought a was a real kit being pounded into the ground. There are also samples to emphasise their message; at the start is the Tory tabloid mantras of “benefit sanctions, brexit, dementia tax’ and “bring back fox hunting”, then half way through there’s “Is she personally prepared to authorise a nuclear strike that could kill a hundred thousand innocent men, women and children?” followed by a chilling answer from Theresa May of “Yes!”

The song climaxes with a repeated chant of “We’re still angry!” Perfectly summing up the rage I feel towards our own government and their uncaring attitude and blatant lying. I can, and often do, listen to this over and over; it helps I think, to know that there are others out there filled with the same anger.

You can find it name your price here  :

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Who Killed Nancy Johnson? - Dark Horse


  Who Killed Nancy Johnson? are an energetic "kind of punk, kind of post-punk" 4 piece from Reading and Wallingford who were called Nancy Johnson in a previous incarnation and who's line up features Stefan Ball (vocals), Pete Moulton (guitar/vocals), Julien Bruinaud (bass) and Mark Wren (drums/vocals). Influenced by the likes of The Stooges, Ruts, Wire, Magazine, Black Flag etc they formed in 2015 and have been building up a reputation as an exciting and incendiary live act (comments include "jaw-droppingly good...more hooks than a deep sea fishing line").

  They released their debut ep, Cops And Robbers a year ago and you can find it here :

  Tomorrow they'll be releasing a new single titled Dark Horse, it'll be available on all major streaming and download platforms and it's a teaser for their Flat Earth Theory ep which follows in a few weeks. There's a number of gigs lined up in support of the ep and details can be found on Facebook : 

  Here's what vocalist Stefan had to say about the new single.....

  "Our approach to song-writing has changed a fair bit since the material for our previous Cops and Robbers EP was written. Then, the songs were mainly written by Paul Anthony and me, and the writing was all done away from the rehearsal room. But since Pete Moulton joined on guitar we've become a band that jams things out.

"Dark Horse is typical of how it tends to work now. The song started with a riff Pete played in rehearsal. He plays a lot of riffs - guitarists never stop making noise! - and every so often one takes off, as this one did. Mark Wren joined in on drums and Paul on bass - me singing random words to find a melody line that worked - and everyone chipped in ideas for dyanmics, where the riff could go next and so on. Quite early on the 'I believe' line was fixed, and with that in place I wrote a set of words around it that didn't work and then a second set that stuck. The song probably took five rehearsals or so to settle down to its finished form. We'd work on it 20 minutes one week, an hour the next, 30 minutes, whatever.

"The Flat Earth Theory EP was recorded live initially, with Pete, Paul and Mark playing the song just as they would live. After a couple of weeks living with the raw recordings I went back in to do the main vocal. That was day two. Day three was going to be mixing - but then Paul left the band and said he didn't want his bass lines used on the recording.

"That threw us a bit because it meant we'd have to overdub the bass. Pete could have done it and so could I, sort of, but neither of us had played bass in anger in years. Fortunately a friend of a friend came to the rescue and did it for us. I'd love to tell you the name of the mystery bassist! - but we were asked not to say as the person concerned is involved in another band and was kind of moonlighting. Anyway, it got us out of a hole and meant we could move on to redo the backing vocals and get the songs mixed and mastered straight away.

"We always planned to issue a single before the full EP, and for a long time we had another track in mind. But everyone we talked to said we should release Dark Horse, and we had people coming up to us at gigs saying they liked the 'I believe' song in particular, so it had to be Dark Horse in the end.

"As for the Dark Horse video, that's based on an animation by Daniel Hallam that Pete found on YouTube. Pete contacted Daniel and got permission to recut it to fit the song, sticking in a little bit of band footage at the right moments. The original film and the song are kind of on parallel tracks, dealing with different angles of the same basic preoccupation, which is a tension between inner life and what's outside in the world. Added together I feel they both gain a layer of meaning from each other - the song means more and so does the film. Does that sound poncey and pretentious? Fuck it, too late, I said it and it's true."

This is Dark Horse.....

Outside I’m the same
I say the same things people say
I play their simple games like naming faces, facing names
I turn the other way when fires start I’m not to blame
I throw the match away my fingers itching from the flame

I believe a dark horse is inside of me
The sense I make, the sense I make is make believe
A different kind of fantasy is burning me inside
Takes me for a ride

Image is the key
A way to hide a history
It sets my darkness free and keeps the past a mystery
Look and you will find symmetry in every line
Patterns in your mind forming gods and ghosts and signs

I believe a dark horse is inside of me
The sense I make, the sense I make is make believe
A different kind of fantasy is burning me inside
Takes me for a ride
And tells me to go
Get on with the show

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

RMBLR - Name Game (Reviewed By Ed Stuart)


  Don't panic, you haven't lost a couple of days, it's not Friday yet. I was sent a couple of guest reviews by Ed Stuart so I'll sneak one in today and post the other in a couple of weeks. For those unfamiliar with Ed, he's appeared a few times previously on here as vocalist/guitarist with his band Radiohearts.

  He's also responsible (along with J Castro) for the excellent Audio Ammunition blog which I've just noticed has posted their best of 2017 list so I'll be checking that out as soon as I've finished writing this....

  If you've heard Radiohearts brand of catchy power pop/punk music, it won't come as a surpeise that Ed's chosen to review an infectious earworm of a song. Over to you Ed.....

 RMBLR had an EP, Territory, that came out early last year on Fat Possum. Okay, so who is RMBLR? RMBLR is the latest of the ATL (Atlanta) bands that have been playing ‘70’s influenced punk n’ roll in the last few years like Dinos Boys, Barreracudas and Biters. RMBLR arose from the ashes of Dinos Boys. Actually, they were Dinos Boys touring band or better known as the The Filthy Few.

  RMBLR is an ATL and Baltimore connection made of Dinos Boys and Sleigh Bells members fronted by Chase Tail. The song of the day is “Name Game.” Yes, it has the same title as the Shirley Ellis song or maybe is better known as the song Jessica Lange sang in American Horror Story when she lost her marbles. Whether this is a cover, a re-working or whatever, this song is catchy as hell. This version of “Name Game” is a lyrical back alley tour of bad choices with such characters as Ill Jill and Young Dick just to name a few. The backbeat is 70’s Thunders/Heartbreakers with Ramones touches and Chuck Berry sitting in on lead guitar.

  RMBLR already has an upcoming single on Die Slaughterhouse that you will want to look out for.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Restraining Order - Something For The Youth


  Sometimes when airing the Just Some Punk Songs show there's a song that when played I think wow, that sounds great and as I'm thinking that, the people in the chatroom are throwing positive comments around too. Today's song is one of those (it's featured during this show if anyone's interested

  I don't know much about Restraining Order, they're from Springfield,  Massachusetts. They released a 5 track demo last March and then followed it up in November with a debut cassette single titled Something For The Youth. And they kick ass. They're a hardcore punk band that as you'll hear on the video at the bottom of this update are not only hardcore but pretty damn catchy too. According to the Rat Trax big cartel, both cassette single and the demo are sold out but you can find the digital version here :

  The line up of the band features Pat (vocals), Kyle (guitar), Jake (guitar), Keith (bass) and Will (drums). The ad for the cassette single says that there's a new 7" due out in 2018 so watch out for that.

  I'm really looking forward to hearing more from Restraining Order, this is the title track of the cassette and it's called Something For The Youth.....