Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Damones - Invaders From Mars

  Damones are old school punk rockers from Norman, Oklahoma who've been around since 2010 and feature a current line up of Tommy Sturdivant (guitar/vocals), Derek (bass/vocals) and Brian (drums). They recently released a new Self Titled album on their own K.I.A. Records. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Marky Kobane, they're hoping to have a vinyl release later this year with a couple of extra tracks but it's available digitally now :  https://damones47.bandcamp.com/album/damones

  Influenced unsurprisingly by The Ramones plus the likes of Riverdales, Queers, Head, Screeching Weasel, Vapids etc they're an old school pop punk that tick all the right boxes and you can get more info on them here :  https://www.facebook.com/DAMONES47/

  If you like your pop punk to be of the sort that'll get the guys at Ramonescore Fanatics to go weak at the knees then you'll love the album. This is called Invaders From Mars....

Monday, 14 January 2019

RUST - Skins and Punks

  A song today that came out in 2016 on a 7" ep via Longshot Music & Randale Records. It's by RUST, a street rock n roll band from Sydney who've been around since 2005 and who's line up features Gazz Campbell (vocals), Bevynn (guitar), Smurf (drums), Michael Fearnley (bass) and Darrin (guitar). With a sound that combines elements of Aussie pub rock (The Angels, Rose Tattoo, early AC/DC) with the explosiveness associated with the likes of Motorhead, 4 Skins etc, they're renowned for serving up sweat drenched, adrenaline fuelled Rock n Roll. You can check out some of their music here : https://rustsydney.bandcamp.com/ 

  2 reasons for posting the song today. Firstly it's bloody good (as you'll see when you check out the Tim Steinfort produced video below) and secondly to let you know they're heading back over to the UK in July to play a few shows. Gigs include Manchester's Star & Garter (along with Pete Bentham And The Dinner Ladies and Choking Susan) and Blackpool's Rebellion Festival. For more info check here : https://www.facebook.com/rustpunk/

  One for those of you who like their music to be powerful with a big singalong chorus, this is Skins And Punks....

The Underdogs - Kings Of Condescension (Review By Ashley Colman)


  The Underdogs are the veteran Leeds punk band who formed in the early 80's (taking their name from a song by The Drones) and who despite going on a long hiatus are still releasing great music today. Vocalist U.G. (Andy) Green and guitarist Col Lawson got back together in '97 for Underdogs version 2 and also tried again a year later but it "failed big style." U.G. and Expelled chief songwriter Tim Ramsden had been experimenting on and off for a good 20 years but U.G. decided to hang up his boots for good in 2013. Unable to rid himself of the itch, he decided to give it another go and this time around things clicked.

  Inspired by the likes of The Clash, SLF, Angelic Upstarts etc, they were back. They wanted to carry on their anthemic tradition, forgoing "the football rock style of music that took over in the 80's and henchforth segregated punk rock into a political 'Brexitesque' wave of Gary Bushellism." U.G. says his heart will always be with the pioneers such as The Drones, Slaughter And The Dogs, Wire, The Adverts etc.

  They've just released a new mini album titled Kings Of Condescension and you can order the cd from the the band :  https://www.facebook.com/theunderdogsleeds/

  Ashley Colman will now take over with his review....

  The Underdogs what can I say, yes this is the band who unquestionably released one of the finest singles of the early 80's second wave punk boom, with  the East Of Dachau ep. Criminally though armed with numerous great songs nothing came to fruition regarding further releases. Check out the Riot In Rothwell demos and you'll be shaking your head in disbelief how they weren't big players in that period of history. Nonetheless, what we have here is a 2019 Underdogs CD folks, who would have thought that? And with 3 original members, plus the addition of Nathan Seaton (Hospital Food) on guitar.

  On this mini album there is 5 new tracks with a couple old tracks from demos given a makeover, with Nathan adding some great guitar work to Private Wars and Love In A Hate Bomb. Moreover, out of the newies Divide and Rule and Sway are my favourites though there are no fillers throughout. A well constructed and passionate release. Singer UG besides having a great sense of humour, certainly knows his politics and isn't afraid to share his informative opinions with us. Therefore, The Underdogs 2019 are still relevant and cranking out great tunes, give them a try you won't be disappointed.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Murderer - Piece Of Candy

  Q.  So what's on the Just Some Punk Songs show later today?

  A.  The usual round up of great new punk releases including a track from the recent album by Murderer, the New York 3 piece that features Hank Wood And The Hammerheads frontman and Crazy Spirit drummer Henry Wood (guitar/vocals) alongside Eric Hughes (bass/vocals) and Sam Ryser (Crazy Spirit & Dawn Of Humans - drums/vocals). I'll play a different song on the show to the one that's posted below so if you're a fan of modern day punk music (and if you aren't why are you reading this?) then tune in (8pm UK time  http://mixlr.com/global-punk-radio/ ).  https://www.facebook.com/events/385067092062267/

  Murderer dipped their toes in the water back in 2013 with the release of a 6 track demo, all the tracks were pretty raw and raucous and not a million miles away from what you might expect given the band members history. Fast forward to December 2018 and they returned with debut album I Did It All For You. The sound has been polished, those raw and raucous moments are complimented by tracks that exude an ethereal delicacy. Both styles combine to great effect. You can get both releases from Bandcamp : https://murderernyc.bandcamp.com/

  If vinyl's your thng then head over to Toxic State Records :  https://www.toxicstaterecords.com/records/murderer-lp-2018

  This is the video they released to promote the album, a gentle start launches into an insistant, hypnotic earworm. It's called Piece Of Candy...

Saturday, 12 January 2019

The Deckchairs - 1970s


  "Not to be confused with any other shitty band" The Deckchairs are the original 1980's punk band from Reading. Last year they released a new album titled UP YOURS and I'll be posting a song from it today. No Bandcamp link that I can find but you can check out the album on Spotify  https://open.spotify.com/album/3ZET7OH4ifF667ePeZQB68

  It's also available from their site : http://www.thedeckchairs.co.uk/

  The line up of the band is Johnny Durex (vocals), Baz Nasty (guitar), Dave (bass) and Jonny Wah Wah (drums). Their sound is unapoligetically old school punk rock and no doubt they'll go down a storm with the punters when they play the Rebellion Festival in August. You can find more info on them here : https://www.facebook.com/TheDeckchairs/

  This video is "a nostalgic look back at the greatest decade ever." The song references staples of that era such as Linda Lovelace, The Sweeney, Huggy Bear, Jimmy Savile, Double Diamond, Curly wurlys and Chopper bikes. It's called 1970's and it's a blast (from the past)...

Friday, 11 January 2019

The Tokyo Rankers - Ordinary People


  Here's another band that got a couple of plays on the Just Some Punk Songs show last year but weren't featured on here.Today I'll post the video they released last month from their latest album.

  The Tokyo Rankers are Spud (vocals/guitar), Dario (drums), Jimmy (bass) and Krystian (guitar). They're Peterborough's only street punk and oi band. They formed in 2016 and released their debut album Don't Get Me Started on Evil Records  http://www.evilrecords.org/press-uk-tokyo-rankers

  It's available digitally here : https://thetokyorankers.bandcamp.com/releases

  If you're a fan of singalong working class punk anthems then you're possibly already familiar with the band, if they've passed you by then the 14 tracks on Don't Get Me Started will be right up your street. You'll also have plenty of chances to catch them playing live around Britain throughout 2019.


  This is one of the more mid paced tracks from the album, it's an observation of the people around the band, people stuck in a rut surviving day to day with no real change in their lifestyles. The line between being ok and being thrown on the scrapheap seeming to be narrower than ever. This is Ordinary People...

Thursday, 10 January 2019

The Nilz - Welcome To The Toybox

  I'm giving you a heads up today on a new compilation album released by Athlone diy label Deadlamb records that shines a spotlight on some of Ireland's top punk talent. It features tracks by 12 great bands, including the one I'm featuring today, it's titled Lambpaign - Ireland and you can get it on impressive looking green, yellow and black marble vinyl (be quick as there's only a few left) or digitally here ;  https://deadlambrecords.bandcamp.com/album/lambpaign-ireland.  The acts featured are The Nilz, Audible Joes, Jobseekers, The Gakk, The Jollars, United Bottles, Grit, Nomatrix, The Turn, Deathgrip, The Divils and Shithatt. I've already posted a few of them on here so today I'll highlight a band that hasn't featured before (and I'll play a couple of other songs from the comp on Sunday's show https://www.facebook.com/events/385067092062267/).

  The Nilz are from Dublin and formed in 2015. Featuring members of Mongohorn & Septic Pussy the line up on this song is Chris Nil (guitar), Sailor Boi (bass), Eddie Nil (vocals) and GimpBoi (drums). You can check out their 2 eps (The Nilz Made Me Do It and Kiss Me, My Executioner) here :  https://thenilz.bandcamp.com/

  For more info including a gig in April with Sick On The Bus, their plans to record a new album and their search for a new drummer check out their Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/thenilzmusic/

  Frontman Eddie Mongohorn also has his own top show on Mixcloud :  https://www.mixcloud.com/eddie-mongohorn/

  This is the track that kicks off the Lambpaign - Ireland comp. Fast and furious it certainly packs a punch and it's called Welcome To The Toybox...

See how see how she moves
See how the current hits her
Touch her black & blue
Worship the ground she bleeds on

It's the hope that kills you

This lady's not for burning
Your love is not returning
Come inside see what we got
Welcome to the toybox

It's the hope that kills you

Scream all you want you'll never be heard
Suffer the sting of the whip and the bite of the spurs
Hell is empty all the devils are here
Hell is empty all the deils are here