Sunday, 15 September 2019

the Middle Ages - Talkin' In Their Sleep

   the Middle Ages are a 3 piece from Seattle featuring Dan Wood (guitar/vocals), Cris Wood (bass/vocals) and Donnie Hilstad (drums). Before moving to Seattle, frontman Dan previously featured in Bay area bands such as The Pets, RAZZ, Tropical Sleep etc. Donnie Hilstad had a brief spell with garage punks The Statics back in the mid 90's and more recently was a member of The Duchess And The Duke. 

  They recently released a Self Titled album and you can download 4 of the tracks from it for free on Bandcamp :

  Their sound mixes elements of rock n roll, punk and garage rock. This is my favourite of the songs on offer, it's called Talkin' In Their Sleep...

Friday, 13 September 2019

SICK POSE - Watch Life Piss Down the Drain (Review by Adam Mishkin)

  A new band to me today with a review courtesy of Adam "Baldy" Mishkin....

  A short sharp slap to the face of a punk tune! Sounding like a retrospective bit of musical nostalgia, but this is a new song, a recent offering from a local legend in my home town Perth WA - Australia. You can hear and feel the dirt, the gutter, the mean streets, the years of struggle and sweat, the raw emotion in the music and the vocals. A new band put together from the cream of the crops in my local scene.

   'Stem' is the bassist is this band, Sick Pose, and an old rock n roller and was part of a legendary rock n roll/punk rock outfit here called THE LUNGS. Good shit live, had a partially toothless crazy front man, with a mullet, and they were fucking great lol. A fella called 'Undies' who plays guitar in this band, a seasoned local scene goer/musician and a shredder of a guitarist. Check his solo's in a couple of their other recently released tunes if you can. And then there's Don, or Donny Rat. The local legend on the vocals in this. Also a founding member of the crazy good rock n roll/punk rock band that was also from Perth. The Rats. If you love old school rock n roll, dirty street rock n roll, 70's punk rock with a harder edged Aussie flavour, then you will love The Rats. He was also in Sub Rosa, The Homicides and Raw Nerve, amongst others. A main stay of the Perth punk scene. He had taken a break from music for a while. now he's back in this band - Sick Pose. Happy to be doing our first gig (Skin Damage) supporting Sick Pose, pretty much the only real street punk band in Perth WA atm. There's couple others, but def not in the same vein. Can't recommend this band more, if you are into a proper bit of good ol down n dirty Aussie flavoured in your face old skool 'fuck you' style punk rock.

Facebook page :

  This is Watch Life Piss Down The Drain... 

Spermbirds - From This Direction Comes War


  Spermbirds shouldn't need much in the way of an introduction, they formed back in 1982 in Kaiserslautern and currently have members in Cologne, Berlin and Saarbrücken. One of Germany's biggest punk bands, they toured plenty, put out some classic and much loved releases (including their 1986 debut album, Nothing To Prove) and then in 1990 they split up. This was only a temporary state of affairs though as 3 years later they reformed and they've been touring and releasing great music ever since.

  The line up of the band hasn't changed too much over the last 3 and a half decades and currently features ex US GI Lee Hollis (vocals), Markus Weilemann (bass), Steve Wiles (guitar), Roger Ingenthron (guitar) and Beppo Götte (drums). Today sees the release of their 9th studio album, it's titled Go To Hell Turn Left and it's a co release between German Label Rookie Records and the UK's Boss Tuneage.

Coloured vinyl lp/cd :
Exclusive red vinyl lp/cd :

  The album's currently streaming on Spotify.

  So initial impressions on the album, despite a 9 year gap since previous album A Columbus Feeling, this ain't the sound of a tired old band going through the motions. It's a band with plenty of gas left in the tank and plenty still to say. They still rock as hard as ever and when I played the blistering title track on a recent Just Some Punk Songs show ( the guys in the chatroom went wild.

  This is the latest single from the album, From This Direction Comes War...

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Obsessió - Basura (Guest Review By Darren Bourne)

  Boss of Tadpole Records (a label which is now seemingly no more though the Youtube channel still gets regularly updated Darren Bourne has kindly taken the time out to share his thoughts on one of his favourite releases of the year. I've chosen the song at the bottom of the update...

Obsessió – Obsessió 12” MLP

  Sometimes I hear that Punk's Dead, I find this a crazy statement in 2019 as there seem to be a ton of great bands around right now, and some as pissed off sounding (or more so) than the classics out there. Obsessió are one such band with members from Athens & Barcelona and they've just released a MLP on La Vida Es Un Mus from London. This 8 track MLP of raging raw Hardcore hasn’t got a track longer than 2 minutes long & that’s fine by me, for fans of TOTALITÄR, CRUDITY, OTAN and other Nordic Beat greats. 

  Sleeve artwork is by Teodoro Hernández (Otan, System Defector, etc) who effortlessly captures the bleakness and rage contained in this PUNK 45 RPM 12”.

  I think along with the Irreal “Fi Del Mon” LP (also on LVEUM) this will end up on a lot of “Best Of” lists at the end of the year, the more raw Hardcore being released the better in my opinion, now I just need to see these bands live as that’s where the magic’s at.

  You can stream the full LP here :

  Buy the vinyl here : 

  This song is titled Basura... 

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Wonk Unit - Cyclists


  Wonk Unit are back with a new song that perfectly encapsulates their off beat take on punk rock. I saw someone (you know who you are!) recently saying they weren't a fan of the band and comparing them to Splodgenessabounds (ie a comedy band that aren't really worth spending much time on). Firstly, Splodge put out a few classics and secondly, not everyone in the punk genre has to be serious. Sometimes it's good to have a different view of the world. I doubt any of Wonk Unit's many fans will mind in the least that they've released a plentiful catalogue of catchy and fun music. They're a great band but I suppose, horses for courses and all that...

  Anyway, the new song. It's about selfish people on bikes who ride two abreast and hold up the traffic. It's based on a true story of how Alex Brindle Johnson and his merry band of wonkers were in the van on the way to a festival when they got stuck down a country lane in a procession of traffic that had built up behind two pedalling pricks. Instead of frustration and road rage (or quite possibly born of frustration and road rage), they wrote a song about it. As my friend might complain, "it's not punk..." and maybe strictly speaking, that's the case. But what's punk in 2019 if not a wide umbrella under which people who are punk at heart are free to do what the hell they like?

  Wonk Unit. Punk as fuck mate. And fun as well. Honk if you wonk! And if you're a cyclist ride in single file!!!

  This is called Cyclists...

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

The Anxieties - Sideshow Freak


  The Anxieties are a garage punk 4 piece who formed in Eugene but are now based in Portland, Oregon, whose current line up features Scott Von Rocket (vocals/guitar), Travis Thoughtcrime (bass/vocals), Erik Electron (lead guitar/vocals) and Tommy Tension (drums). They list amongst their influences the likes of Adolescents, Agent Orange, Hex Dispensers, Marked Men and Sharp Objects (and if anyone knows what the hell happened to Sharp Objects and their promised 2nd album please let me know!). Their sound has been described as sounding  "like an apocalyptic mash-up of early '80s Southern Californian melodic hardcore, '90s Rip Off Records trash and a Red Bull fuelled all-night sci-fi and horror movie marathon..." Looking back in the JSPS archives I'm surprised to find they don't seem to have appeared on here before though I have featured a song by their side project, The Jabronis...

  You can find more info on them here :

  They've just released a second single from their upcoming album, Mission Failure. The first single was Blank Stares ( The album seems to have had a long gestation period but hopefully we won't have to wait much longer before it drops. You can grab the latest song, name your price, here :

  Think Tod Browning, think Ramones' Pinhead, think catchy, fun and fast and you won't be far off getting the vibe I think they were aiming for in this song. It's about a seemingly doomed relationship and it's called Sideshow Freak...

You look at me like a sideshow freak, yeah
And you treat me like a circus geek, yeah
Go ahead and point and laugh now
Someday you're gonna face my wrath now

You look at me like I'm a pinhead
And you treat me just like you want me dead
You look at me like I'm insane
Well, I look at you and I feel the same

Like a sideshow, like a sideshow freak...

You look at me like the bearded lady
Do it all the time and it drives me crazy
Think you got the answers like a fortune teller
Want to keep me locked in the cellar

Think I'm fake like a Fiji mermaid
Try to tear me down like it's some kind of crusade
Think you run the show like a ring master
This is gonna end up in disaster

Monday, 9 September 2019

Shooting Daggers - HOSTILE


  Shooting Daggers are a new hardcore punk 3 piece from London who've recently released the impressive Demo 2019 ep. The line up of the band is Godinha (drums), Beatrice (bass) and Salomé (vocals/guitar). As well as the demo, they feature on the 25 track compilation from Hell Hath No Fury Records which is titled #SolidarityNotSilence Compilation (Pt 1). All proceeds from the comp go towards the women facing defamation case for speaking up 

  You can get the comp here :

  As for Shooting Daggers, you can get more info here :

  The Demo features 3 pounding tracks of rumbling aggression. It's a very promising calling card and you can snap it up as a name your price download :

  This is the opening track, it's called HOSTILE...