Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Talk Show Host - I Don't Wanna Go to the Library

  Talk show host are from Toronto and list amongst their influences Bob Mould, Weezer and Against Me. They mix up power pop, punk and indie and have a line up of Sean Woolven (drums/vocals), Chris Veinot (vocals/guitar) and Fab (bass). Chris and Fab were previously in a band called Hey Mister! whilst Sean is also a member of The Most Serene Republic.

  Earlier this year they released their debut ep, Disunion Tour, and they followed it up in May with the Perfectly Competent ep. Both of them are on Bandcamp "name your price" :

  The lead track of the latest ep is a catchy little number called I Don't Wanna Go To The Library.....

Bottom half of a double bill Six months not a single thrill Where are you? What are you? Can’t stand a sunny day No crosswalks anyway Where are you now? When are you? I’m gunning for Orion Wasting time, breaking time tonight Meet me on Orion All right! No light from a dying star That look won’t get you far How are you? Why are you? I’ve seen your type before You probably shouldn’t come around here anymore What are you now? When are you? Gunning for Orion Wasting time, breaking time tonight Meet me on Orion All right!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Si Foulkes (The Crash Landings)

                       (photo by Dan O'Gara)

  Yesterday I featured a song from Bournemouth band The Crash Landings which was taken from their much lauded new album All Guts No Glory. Today I'm very grateful to vocalist/guitarist Si Foulkes for sending me this top 10. Si says it was too difficult to choose an all time top 10 so instead he's gone with 10 songs that are currently being played to death.

  The Crash Landings will be playing a number of gigs over the next few months so watch out for them.....

04/11/16 The Sanctuary, Basingstoke - with Faintest Idea

24/11/16 The Anvil, Bournemouth - with Sonic Boom Six

07/01/17 The Flag, Watford - Bands & Booze All Dayer

28/01/17 Vale Social, Stoke

04/02/17 Rifle Club, Portsmouth - with The Members

31/03/17 Winchester Gate, Salisbury - Punk & Disorderly Benefit, inc TV Smith, Hooligan Crooners, B-Leaguers, 5 Go Mad

27/05/17 Bar 42, Worthing - Bash The Bishop Weekender

 If you're a fan of oi and street punk you might enjoy this list.......

  1) BLATOIDEA - Alive

 2)  ARCH RIVALS - On Our Own

 3)  BOOZE & GLORY - Only Fools Get Caught

 4)  WOLF BITES BOY - I'll Be There For You

 5)  HARRINGTON SAINTS - Riot City Dublin

 6)  GIMP FIST - Heart Full Of Pride

 7)  EVIL CONDUCT - That Old Tattoo

 8)  ARGY BARGY - There's Gonna Be A Riot

 9)  OLD FIRM CASUALS - Election Day

10)  RUNNIN' RIOT - Double The Pain

Monday, 24 October 2016

The Crash Landings - The Wall

   The Crash Landings are from Bournemouth and formed in 2013. They list amongst their influences the likes of Social Distortion, Argy Bargy, The Business, Rancid and Cock Sparrer so it's no surprise that their sound is catchy, sing a long punk that occasionally features the odd ska flourish. The line up features founder member Si Foulkes (vocals/guitar), Ant Woodhams (vocals/guitar), Seb Brown (vocals/bass) and Neil Frewer (drums).

  They write about stuff like telling the boss to stick his job where the sun doesn't shine, hate mongering tabloids, sweary friends etc and they've recently released their debut album All Guts No Glory which is picking up plenty of glowing reviews. If it sounds like your cup of tea you can get it here :

  Mixing the classic '77 stylings of The Clash with something more modern (I'm being reminded of Gosport band Night Of Treason), this is The Wall.....

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Fat Albert - Living In Workington

  It's a little like groundhog day today on here, just like yesterday I'm showcasing a band from Cumbria that have a new album out and to tie things even closer together they played the same all dayer as The Scumbrians that I got to a couple of months back.

  Fat Albert are from Workington and line up with Jen (vocals/guitar), Barry McGlasson (drums/backing vocals) and Dave Carr (bass). They formed in 2008 and list amongst their influences the likes of U.K. Subs, Cocksparrer, Toy Dolls, Dropkick Murphys and Cockney Rejects.

  Their debut release was 2010's Tales Of A Two Pint Rambo ep though numerous line up changes plus the tragic death of drummer Simon in a road accident meant it wasn't until 2013 that their debut album, Useless Generation, came out. In 2015 they released the Just Like A Disease ep and now they're back with new album, Stand Strong.

  Solid, working class punk that's both rocking and catchy, this is Living In Workington.....

Saturday, 22 October 2016

The Scumbrians - Throw em Away.


  The Scumbrians are a young band from Whitehaven, Cumbria who went down very well when I saw their set in Lancaster a couple of months ago. Since then they've been busy putting the finishing touches to their debut album and they'll be unleashing it next week (29 Oct). They've also won their way through to the final of Cumbria's Battle Of The Bands competition, the final takes place in January and they'll be hoping to land the £1000 prize in order to splash out on new equipment.

  The line up of the band features Luke Norman (vocals), Jake McAllister (guitar), Kristie Mason (bass) and Ryan Hodgson (drums). Give them a like and get more info on Facebook.....

  Definitely a band to watch, they recently supported Bad Manners and the new album is sure to bring them to the attention of a wider audience. They sing about the stuff that's going on around them, mixing up serious commentary with songs that might just see them sticking their tongues into their cheeks (if you've heard the track Jimmy Saville you'll know what i mean!). The song you'll find below is a modern day call to wrap up the rockets entitled Throw Em Away......

Friday, 21 October 2016

Top 10 Songs From Braindead Records .......

Something a little different today, I'm going to do a label spotlight on Braindead Records and highlight 10 of my favourite songs from their catalogue. If you like these songs then get onto their Bandcamp as all their releases are very generously available "name your price."     

Braindead have been releasing punk, garage, riot grrrl, thrash and alt music for the past couple of years or so and have found their way onto this blog several times. It started up in 2015 in St Louis, Missouri, and is run by Todd Parker, Kenny Joslen, Sam Evans and Brandon Vitale.  As well as the Bandcamp they also a number of other places you can check out.  

They seem to be aiming to create a family vibe, many of the gigs I see advertised on their Facebook page feature bills consisting of several of their stable of bands. They've new releases pencilled in both for this year and next so watch out for those. There's a couple of their releases that I need to listen to a bit more but from the albums I'm familiar with, here's a Top 10 I put together :

1) Jane Doe - Jane Doe                                                                                                 


2) Radio Buzzkills - Wolverines

3) Koff - Sick City

4) Stinkbomb - Slaughter At The Punk House

5) Life On Mars - All Sports Suck

6) Clark Cunt - Cosmetic Surgery

7) Slightly Less Infected - Witchy

8) Al Bundie's Army - Judgement Day

9) Stinkbomb - Stinkbomb Saves The Galaxy

10) Life On Mars - Burned Out On Life

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Horror Section - Nightmare At 20,000 Feet

  Horror Section are from Missouri and they combine a love of pop punk and horror movies to create the kind of music sounds something like The Ramones partying with The Misfits down at the drive in. They've been releasing spooktastic tunes since 2013 and you can check out those ghoulish delights here :

  Their latest release is coming out on Eccentric Pop Records and it's a split 10" with Dan Vapid And The Cheats titled Twilight Zone (Vol.1). Nicely timed for the Halloween season it'll feature 3 songs from each band. The Horror Section have just released a William Shatner starring video for one of their songs, this is Nightmare At 20,000 Feet.....