Thursday, 2 February 2017

Pura Manía - Cerebros Punk


  Pura Mania are from Vancouver and Mexico City and aren't the easiest band to stick a catagory to. They mix bits of hardcore punk with a dose of indie weirdness. I might be the only one but I can pick out echos of mid 80's euro gloom of the type that used to appear on the John Peel show, there's even a wonderful toy piano on the track you'll find below.

  2014 saw them release the Ratas De Dos Patas cassette plus a couple of 7"'s (Musica Para Gente Fea / La Estafa Musical) and now they're back with a 12" mini album. Titled Cerebros Punk, it came out last month on Cvrecs and Hysteria and if you like your punk to be both catchy and offbeat it could well be something you'll want to grab hold of.

    The title track to the new 12" really leapt out of the speakers the first time I heard it, hopefully you'll agree it's a magnificent two and a half minutes of off kilter awesomeness. This is Cerebros Punk.....

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