Friday, 21 October 2016

Top 10 Songs From Braindead Records .......

Something a little different today, I'm going to do a label spotlight on Braindead Records and highlight 10 of my favourite songs from their catalogue. If you like these songs then get onto their Bandcamp as all their releases are very generously available "name your price."     

Braindead have been releasing punk, garage, riot grrrl, thrash and alt music for the past couple of years or so and have found their way onto this blog several times. It started up in 2015 in St Louis, Missouri, and is run by Todd Parker, Kenny Joslen, Sam Evans and Brandon Vitale.  As well as the Bandcamp they also a number of other places you can check out.  

They seem to be aiming to create a family vibe, many of the gigs I see advertised on their Facebook page feature bills consisting of several of their stable of bands. They've new releases pencilled in both for this year and next so watch out for those. There's a couple of their releases that I need to listen to a bit more but from the albums I'm familiar with, here's a Top 10 I put together :

1) Jane Doe - Jane Doe                                                                                                 


2) Radio Buzzkills - Wolverines

3) Koff - Sick City

4) Stinkbomb - Slaughter At The Punk House

5) Life On Mars - All Sports Suck

6) Clark Cunt - Cosmetic Surgery

7) Slightly Less Infected - Witchy

8) Al Bundie's Army - Judgement Day

9) Stinkbomb - Stinkbomb Saves The Galaxy

10) Life On Mars - Burned Out On Life

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