Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Stiletto Boys - Don't Cry For Me

"So don't cry for me, because I'm already dead, baby don't cry for me, cos I don't need anybody's sympathy..."

  Stiletto Boys were a power pop/punk band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania who were influenced by the likes of The Vapors, The Knack, Mott The Hoople, Rich Kids etc. They featured Sean Wolfe (vocals), Eric Benner (guitar/backing vocals), Eric Garvin (bass) and Casey Wolfe (drums).

  They were mainly active around the late 90's - early 2000's though they re-emerged in 2013 with the many years in production Liberator album. When comparisons are made, they usually end up being spoken of in the same breath as the likes of The Boys, The Buzzcocks, The Dickies and most of your other favourite pop punk bands from the late 70's.

  The song I'm posting today comes from their Rockets And Bombs album which was released by High Society International in 1999. A glorious slice of harmony driven pop perfection, this is Don't Cry For Me.......