Friday, 1 April 2016

Hard Left - Economy


  It's turning out to be a great week for newly released videos. Following on from yesterday's belter (Modern Tribes - Pam Beesly), today I'm featuring one by another band who featured highly in my end of 2015 list (and who will no doubt feature again this year).

  Hard Left are the left leaning hard mod heroes from Oakland, California who've yet to release a bad record. This time around they effortlessly keep their winning streak going with a new 4 track ep, on Future Perfect Records, titled Economy. They have a happy knack of sounding rough and ready but also being catchy as hell. The 2 tracks on the A side feature their usual singer, Mike Schulman (I love how his raspy vocals threaten to give way at times but just about hang on in there. No bells & whistles production tricks for this lot, it's pleasingly messy and all the better for it) whilst in a departure from the norm, the B sides feature London poet Tim Wells. Intelligent, heart felt and endearingly ragged around the edges, you can snap it up here :

  The title track is probably the only song you'll hear this year that quotes from German writer Georg Buchner (the founder of the Society For Human Rights), this is Economy.......

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