Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Judy And The Jerks - Biscuit Power

  From Hattiesburg, Mississippi, whacked out weirdos Judy And The Jerks make their third appearance on the blog today and like their last write up the song I've chosen is a cover.

  They recently released a new ep. Titled Roll On Summer Holidays it's a tour tape for their west coast tour. 4 original tracks plus a cover of a Gorilla Biscuits classic. You can find it name your price on Bandcamp :

  This song begins with a slow, ominous build up. Imagine yourself on a roller coaster, slowly approaching the top of the hill. It's a little like that. Then the vocals kick in with a shouted "GO....." and we're over the peak and hurtling rapidly downwards. It's fast and furious, a total blast before we're soon levelling out and wanting to go again. This is Biscuit Power...

Gorilla Biscuit in your head
One more time and you'll be dead
Better watch out, Better be scared
Headed for the dragon's lair...

G-O-R-I double L-A

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