Friday, 14 April 2017

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Tony "Suspect" Whatley (The Shorts / Abrazos)

  As you visit Just Some Punk Songs it seems fair to assume you're a fan of punk music in which case there's a chance you're also a visitor to the Suspect Device zine. If not and you want a site that offers up a whole bunch of cool stuff such as reviews, music downloads, a vinyl distro, podcasts and much more, then you should check it out....

 The person behind Suspect Device is Tony Whatley (aka Tony Suspect) and as well as running that site he's also drummer with Southampton punk band The Shorts ( ). If that wasn't enough, he's now in a new band called Abrazos who recently recorded a demo, a track from which I played on the latest Just Some Punk Songs show.

  Now that the introductions are over, here's Tony's 10 favourite songs. Many thanks mate.....

 1)  Las Otras - Tragedia

2)  Hack Job - Corporate Fucktank

 3)  Endless Grinning Skulls - Austerity? Violence!

 4)  Horseflies - Kick Like You Kick

 5)  Torso - Eating Scraps

 6)  Career Suicide - Cut And Run

 7)  Warthog - Culture?

 8)  Sanction This - Media Trap

 9)  N/N - Abrazos

10)  Paint It Black - Cannibal

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