Monday, 17 April 2017

No Borders - We Rise


  No Borders are a politically and socially concious hardcore punk band based in Ottawa, Ontario but who feature members from both Canada and The U.S. Those members are Pat (guitar/vocals), Rich (drums/vocals) and Gerald (vocals/bass). They're blatently anti-fascist, anti-racist and pro-immigrant and their debut ep deals with issues like the stress and anxiety that comes with fearing deportation, the contributions made by immigrant communities, youth crime and police harassment & brutality. The ep is titled The Walls They Build... The Walls We Break and it's available as a free download here...

  The lead track from the ep, this is We Rise.....

Every day I wake up it feels just like a war 
We struggle to overcome, but our problems grow more and more
We did things the right way, but our efforts were in waste 
This daily struggle leaves us with nothing but a bitter taste 

Through all this disappointment and pain, We Remain 
Go to bed fighting, wake up and do the same, We Remain 
When our anxieties multiply, We Rise 
Even in the hardest of times, we survive, We Rise 

Every night I go to bed, anxieties fill my mind 
A solution to our problems, I can’t seem to find 
As I struggle through another in a line of sleepless nights 
I wonder and wonder where I can find some greater insight 

Even if all I have is you 
That’s enough to make it through

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