Wednesday, 20 April 2016

REDS - Can't Fool Me (Rebel Spell Cover)

   REDS are from Vancouver, British Columbia, and they've recently released a cover of the Rebel Spell song Can't Fool Me. The original version of the song appeared on Rebel Spell's 2007 Four Songs About Freedom ep.

  REDS line up Paul Tryl (vocals), Johnny Malatestinic (guitar/vocals), Ken Firman (bass/vocals) and Scotty Munro (drums) and they have the 14 track diy demo from hell available "name your price" here :

  This video for Can't Fool Me is dedicated to all the friends, family and fans of Rebel Spell vocalist Todd Serious who you may recall tragically died last year in a climbing accident.....

This place is a trap. 
The outside has been choked off and the brilliance of it is we can’t seem to tell. 
Put bars up around me, I’ll see them right now, trap me with words, I’ll swear I built it myself 

Manufactured consent through passive means. 
A pervasive and constant lullaby 
about choice but this can’t be true cause there’s only one side. 
You’re gonna have to do better cause I won‘t lose my mind 

They say love these walls cause without them we’d fall. 
But this thinking’s so small we only live despite them all. 
Your cages won’t save us; they’re no help at all. 
We know you’re fucking wrong 

Please save me she says and looks to the sky but the sky doesn’t answer and the girl doesn’t fly. 
But she crosses herself sits back on the floor and rocks while she cries still believing the stories 

There is nothing worth saving that can’t be taken away 
this tyranny is fuckin smooth the old methods are gone. 
You think your voice is getting through cause you can vote or wave a sign 
but you’re gonna have to do better if you intend to keep your mind. 

They say love these walls cause without them we’d fall 
but this thinking is so small we only live despite them all. 
Your cages won’t save us, they’re no help at all, 
we know you’re fucking wrong 
We can see it cruel 
we resent it. 
Relentless, invasive you can’t fool me. 

I’m confused by rules they’re never precise enough for me 
and it doesn’t matter how far you take them they’re never gonna be. 
I need a place where everyone can see but I’m not kidding myself I know it’s just a dream. 
Right now is all I’ve got so I won’t be caught. 
You can fuck yourself you can’t fool me

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