Monday, 14 December 2015

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Ashley Colman

  At the end of last year I asked a few people if they would send me lists of their 10 favourite songs of the year. I'm going to do the same again this year (hopefully with different people if enough fancy doing it). One person who's sent back a list already is Ashley Colman. He's also sent a list of his 10 favourite songs of all time so I'll post that today and then his 2015 list in a few days.

  Thanks Ashley, over to you.......

All time top 10, how the likes of the Pits, Crisis, Leatherface, Partisans, Annalise, Chelsea, and the Tone missed out i'll never know? But it's a very strict regime this top 10.

 1)  Anthrax - Beg Society
Great soaring guitar riff opens this classic, before Anthrax's succinct lyrics depict life in the UK for millions, care and compassion are no longer in fashion the lyrics claim, but we know right!

 2)  Anthrax - Hunger Pain
Slow burner here, please checkout the vid and song, may well make you think? If not, honestly it's a pretty good song.

 3)  GC5 - Power In A Union
Love Billy Bragg's version, but this takes it to another level, A serious punk makeover to devastating effect, it's that good 40 people have viewed it.

 4)  The Drones- Persecution complex
They're to blame The Drones that's them. The first punk band I ever heard. It energised me, and still does, and made me very curious of this punk malarkie. Albeit, I'm still investigating.

 5)  Chronic - No time
 Came across these Bradfordian punks in a shithole in Bradford funnily enough, 30+ years and it still resonates in my head. Could have been contenders?

 6)  The Pain- Town Drunx and Ragged Old Punx
Too close for comfort LOL! Crack a tinnie whilst having listen, a guaranteed foottapper.

 7)  Newtown Neurotics - Wake Up
Took over the mantle of the Clash for me, tunes,politics and great gigs in leeds, when devoid of inspiration, this generally does the trick.

 8) The Dubtones - All Systems Failing
Left or right all systems failing? One thing for sure, the right wing media are shitting themselves over Mr Corbyn, myself I think he's a breath of fresh air. the out of tune pummeling bass drives this classic.

 9)  Dillinger 4 - Gainsville
basking in the shine, I wish.Masterpiece from a album that is gritty punk pop perfection.

10)  Wasted - Modern World is Dead
Managed to catch these live this year in Leeds which was very pleasing. My son said that it was the best concert he's ever been too, which made me very happy. 20 other people witnessing a band perfecting their art thought it was wonderful too, thank god it was 10 years since they were last here, otherwise people might not have been so excited. Oh! I hate progression Ha, Ha! Ruined many a punk band.

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