Monday, 21 December 2015

Top 10 Of 2015 Chosen By Eric Evans (Modern Tribes)

  Last Christmas I posted a few top 10 of 2014 lists from a few people I thought would throw up some decent tunes, this year I'm going to do the same but I'll ask different people. Hopefully i can get a few different styles of punk out of them if i choose wisely.

  First up is a top 10 from Eric Evans. Eric's band, Modern Tribes are one of the most promising new UK bands I came across in 2015 and if you missed my post on them a few months back you can check out their music here :

  They've also just released a video for the song She Said. Check it out as it's bloody good :

I'd not previously heard most of the songs on Eric's list and after playing them I've a couple of comments. Firstly, they'd make a great mix tape and secondly, the Modern Tribes song (above) certainly wouldn't be out of place if added to that tape. I guess that any new band putting out music that's as good as that of their favourite bands deserves to be congratulated.

  Thanks for the top 10 Eric.......

 1) Moose Blood - Gum

 2)  Frank Carter - Juggernaut

 3)  Front Bottoms - Wolfman

 4)  Frank Turner - The Next Storm

 5)  Metz - The Swimmer

 6)  Moose Blood - Kelly Kapowski

 7)  Modern Baseball - Revenge Of The Nameless Ranger

 8)  Milk Teeth - Brickwork

 9)  Muskets - Scranton

10)  The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - You Can't Live There Forever

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