Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Angry Amputees - She Said

  A week or so ago I posted a song by Bad Cop/Bad Cop and mentioned that one of the previous bands various members had played in were Angry Amputees. Well today I thought I'd bring you a song by them.

  Forming in 2001 in San Francisco, Angry Amputees originally lined up with Stacey Dee (vocals/guitar), Erock Brim (guitar), John "Dalty" Dalton (bass/vocals) and Joann Rawkmom Gillespie (drums). Erock and Gillespie left in 2002 and were replaced by Eric Gonzales and Jen Carlson.

  Voted best punk band in the Bay area at the San Francisco Weekly music awards they released the Thought I Wouldn't 7 track ep in 2001 on I'm Stumped Records but their "hit" album was 2003's Slut Bomb which came out on Dead Teenager records.

  Due to other commitments the band only plays together very infrequently nowadays and it's doubtful that we'll see new material anytime soon but for those of you that aren't familiar with their brand of edgy pop punk, here's my favourite song of theirs, She Said.....

Molly likes her handjobs 
and Toby's just a fat slob 

They get drunk all day 
And fuck their world away 
Just like we did 

Toby preaches kindness 
and Molly's just his mattress 

They smoke out all night 
To try and make things right 
But that's what she said 

That's what she said 

Denise don't like needles 
When she's face down in the street 

But that's the way it goes 
When you've sold your soul 
Can't fight your demons 

When you waste your life
And now you're out of time
But that's what she said 

That's what she said

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