Wednesday, 23 April 2014

VAGUESS - Sinkpisser

Does anyone have a girlfriend who has a tendency to get drunk off half a bacardi before heading off to the nearest sink to pee? Californian One man band Vaguess (pronounced Vegas) addresses this problem on today's blog entry. Taken from his recent album Simpler Times (available for name your price here : ), this is the one minute and a little bit of loose change sonic blast of Sinkpisser.....

sinkpisser, sinkpisser 
i can't take you to the party 
cuz you'll piss in the sink 
after half of a bacardi 


sinkpisser, sinkpisser 
i'm sorry about your eyeliner 
you cried it into the sink 
and washed it down with your piss 


you really shouldn't drink 
you'll piss it down the sink 
at least the dishes are clean

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