Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Sonic Avenues - Automatic


One of my favourite record labels is Portland, Ohio based Dirtnap Records. Included in their roster are awesome bands such as Radioactivity, Neighborhood Brats, Mean Jeans, Mind Spiders, Low Culture, Steve Adamyk Band, Bad Sports, White Wires, Missing Monuments, Autistic Youth and a shitload more. Their latest release is the new album from Sonic Avenues. The band are from Montreal and fit in well with Dirtnap's garage influenced pop punk signature sound. Mistakes is their third album, following on from their self titled debut (2009) and the widely praised Television Youth (2012) and from what I've heard so far is going to see them expand their fan base considerably. This is the official video release for Automatic.....

1 comment:

  1. Insanely good album. I think it's always hard for punk bands to show growth without alienating the fan base. The fan base is going to like Mistakes just fine. And as you said, new people will also flock to the bandwagon.