Sunday, 12 January 2014

Boys - Sundae Skool

One of the best demos of 2013 came from a band called  Boys who come from Cincinnati, Ohio. I think this description from Bloated Cat Records sums them up pretty well "Boys is the brainchild of 20-year old Megan Schroer. I don't know what to really say about these songs except that they are super catchy and all around great. It's a very pure kind of pop punk."
If you're a fan of Lipstick Homicide I'm sure you'll enjoy this. If you do it's available for "name your price" here :

I'm tired of being pessimistic 
Always leaning up against the wall 
I tried to call you but you must've missed it 
Is there a reason why you never call me back? 
Well, I'm over it. 
"I'm tired of being optimistic" 
That's what you say but you don't ever try 
You tried to call me, but I must've missed it 
Yeah, there's a reason why I never called you back again 
'Cause I'm over it 
and whining about it won't make it any easier 
I don't know your plans 
But I'm not gonna waste my time on someone I don't care about 
I get it, you got it 
I got it, you get it 
I got it that you get it but you never really got it at all 
I sense that maybe we've been miscommunicating 
And isn't it frustrating the way you won't stop complaining? 
And if that's what you're saying 
That you'd rather just keep playing all these games 
Well, I'll just quit while I'm ahead 
I'm tired and and I'm over it 
You're mad 'cause I don't give a shit 
About your problems anymore 
You make them easy to ignore

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