Friday, 17 August 2018

Mean Caesar - South London Summer


  Mean Caesar are from south London and though they got together a couple of years ago they spent most of that time practicing before making their live debut earlier this year. The line up of the band is Danny Lester (vocals), Oliver Ward (guitar), David Littlefair (guitar), Stu Henson (bass) and Stu Morrison (drums). Previously they've played in numerous other acts including 46 Itchy, Atomic Newt Beaver, The Barrymores, Great Cynics, Pure Graft, Murderburgers etc etc etc. Now they're preparing to release their debut (Self Titled) ep, it'll be available on 5th October on Little Rocket Records and you can pre order it here :

  Their goal is to make music that's "hooky as hell with an urgency to it." My first impression on hearing them was that they reminded me a little of Red City Radio (and then I noticed that Red City Radio were a band they'd supported at the New Cross Inn last month). Anyway, check them out as once the ep drops they'll no longer be London's best kept secret... 

  To whet your appetite, they've just released a teaser single from the ep. Dealing with the theme of finding a gang where you feel at home ( “I’m thankful every day that this bunch of misfits happened to cross my way / We’d prop up the Monty bar where talking endless shit can get you far / We’d toast our failures in the park and wander reckless streets in the dark,”  ) this is the kind of sound that'll appeal to fans of the bands that Little Rocket Records' owner Graeme Philliskirk was in (Leatherface, Medication). It's called South London Summer...

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