Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The Pagans, What's This Shit Called Love?


  You'll probably already be familiar with Cleveland, Ohio's The Pagans but as Mike Hudson, ever present vocalist from the band has kindly compiled a top 10 list for the blog (check tomorrow's update for that), I think it's about time I posted a song by them. I was tempted to go with their contribution to the recent split ep with The Guillotines but as my Just Some Punk Songs live broadcast has a remit to play new punk music I'll save that song for next Tuesday's show. If you want to check it out though you'll find it here :

  Another recent release you might want to lend an ear to is 2014's Hollywood Eye : I think you'll agree that even after nearly 40 years, this is a band that are still releasing great music.

  The song I'm going with today was released way back in 1978 on the flip side of the Street Where Nobody Lives single and is called What's This Shit Called Love? I'd say they don't make them like this anymore but Mike still is. Check back tomorrow to find out what his favourite 10 songs are...

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