Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Louis Lingg And The Bombs - Destroy Civilisation

   Here's a song that I only heard for the first time yesterday, it's such an upbeat, feel good record that i had to post it in here.

  Louis Lingg And The Bombs are an energetic, political, anarcho-punk band from Paris who are influenced by the likes of The Dickies, The Briefs and The Epoxies and who feature Josh (guitar/vocals), Arno Life (guitar/vocals), Julie Hate (vocals), Clem Phlegm (keyboards) and Zgaygoire (drums). They're named after the German immigrant and anarchist, Louis Lingg who committed suicide whilst on death row in 1887 after he had been arrested in connection with Chicago's Haymarket Square bombing. Despite many of their songs dealing with serious subjects, it doesn't stop them being fun.  You can check out their music on bandcamp : http://louislinggandthebombs.bandcamp.com/  .

  This song, Destroy Civilisation, is from their 2012 album Alphabet Of A Revolution.......

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