Sunday, 4 January 2015

Bom Pro' - Tromba Daria

Today's update is by a band that may be new to many of you. I'm certainly no expert on Italian punk rock but they seem to have a thriving underground scene of bands (several of whom have already featured herein) who worship at The alter of The Ramones. One such band are Bom Pro' who I'm featuring a song by today. It's an infectiously good tune with some great backing vocals that'll get you humming along even if you maybe can't understand the Italian lyrics.
  Formed in 1997 and hailing from the white beached coastal region of Rosignano Solvay (approx 25 km away from Liverno), the band feature a line up of Diego Bom Pro (vocals), Leonardo Serrini (bass, vocals), Stefano Daddi (guitar, vocals) and Alessandro Froncillo (drums) and they've released 8 self-produced albums. You can check out their latest album, Autobus No7 on their bandcamp (, from that release, here's the lead track Tromba Daria.....

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