Sunday, 13 April 2014

4ft Fingers - Emergency Manoeuvre

Back in the early years of the new millennium one of Britain's top punk bands were Cheltenham's 4Ft Fingers. I caught them live on several occasions (they seemed to be forever touring) and was never less than impressed. Noticeable was their ability to pull in the 14 year old new generation of punk rockers as well as the older "seen it all before" crowd such as myself (it could be quite weird for the then mid 30 years old myself pogoing in the pit with kids less than half my age but it was good to see that punk certainly wasn't dead). Originally forming in the mid 90's but not settling on their unusual name or getting properly off the ground until the end of the century the four piece released their debut album, At Your Convenience, in 2001. Mixing pop punk that had bite with occasional ska beats it brought them to the attention of Golf Records (home at the time to the likes of Snuff and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones) who released albums number 2 & 3 (From Hero To Zero, A Cause For Concern). They also seemed to be forever on rotation on satellite channel P-ROCK TV (I remember my daughter spent much of her 3rd year dancing round the living room with me to Last Man Standing). Line up changes seemed to slow the momentum a little but they managed a 4th album, 2008's New Beginnings Of Old Stories before more departures seemed to spell the end. Rather reassuringly though, they're still out on the road, probably at a town near you, "older, wiser and still rocking out." The song I've chosen was from 2002 and is here largely for the heartfelt line of "You Meant The World To Me...." This is Emergency Manoeuvre.....                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Tuck your head between your knees
I love you and we'll always be together
There's not much left to say
And words can't help us now
But squeeze my hand my dear
And we'll pray together
Your heart is slowing down take me instead
Just rest your heavy eyes and head
You're fading away
Like a camp fire burning out
Don't leave me here by myself

I'll never forget you
You meant the world to me

Thanks for the memories
It was true love for me
You brought me to my knees
You meant the world to me

Remorse of course is what I wish for
And now I'm slowing down
If I knew this day was coming
I would of told you how I felt
Impact is immanent
Being with you is permanent
I couldn't keep control
The car began to roll
The end is here my dear

Hello can you hear me
Or have you just gone to sleep
I'll join you soon
And until I do
I miss you
I'll never forget you
You meant the world to me

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