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Top 10 Songs Chosen By Pulsebeat (internet radio show)

  Wayne Elliott, former bassist with North West England punk legends Dr And The Crippens, nowadays hosts one of the shows that goes out on The Global Punk Network. His show is called Pulsebeat, it airs on a Wednesday at 9pm (gmt) and it's really rather good. There's a show this Wednesday before it takes a summer break but will return soon. You can check out the shows that have been broadcast so far here :

  Today, I'm bringing you a top 10 of the most popular songs to feature on Pulsebeat alongside commentary by Wayne.......

When I first started ‘Pulsebeat’ the idea was to play a blend of class ’77 punk, 80’s hardcore and sneak in a few new songs. I quickly realised that the people listening in the room knew and loved the old stuff but it was the new stuff they wanted. Now instead of Minor Threat and The Damned a whole bunch of new bands and records make up the bulk of the playlist. Below are 10 records that have had multiple tracks played on the show.

No///se – ‘Lower Berth’ (YoYo )

Berlin label Yo Yo Records put out this second lp by Oakland band No///se (pronounced ‘No Say’) and unbelievably there are still some of the limited 100 only copies pressing available. Everything this band has recorded to date is superb and both this record and the first lp have had plenty of airtime on both Pulsebeat and Alan Benningfields ‘Soothing Sounds From DK Towers’ slot. Hard to pick a favourite track but here is the one I played a few weeks’ back ‘You Know I Know’. If you want the vinyl buy it from Alan at Different Kitchen Records for just £7.95 plus postage.

Ghost On Tape – ‘Ignoring All Traffic Lights’ EP

3 of the 4 tracks on this recent release by Toulouse based band Ghost On Tape have been played so far and all have gone down great. Excellent pop punk and I am looking forward to the new album. You can download both their ‘Into The Maze’ lp and this single as NYPDs (Name your price downloads) but if you want the vinyl hurry as last time I spoke to Scott at Brassneck there were less than 10 remaining. This track ‘Lighthouse’ is the only one I have not played on the show and I will rectify that once Pulsebeat returns.

Accidente – ‘Pulso’ (Pumpkin)

Madrid band Accidente are probably the favourite band on the show at the moment. ‘Pulso’ is their third lp and there is a real buzz about the band at present. They are over in the UK in September to play the ‘Common Ground’ festival in Gloucestershire. You can download all their back catalogue cheaply via Bandcamp or buy from Pumpkin or Different Kitchen. This track is ‘Respiria’.

Danger!Man/Lucky Malice – ‘Handicap’ Split lp (Boss Tuneage)

The most played album on the show as both sides are excellent. There are a lot of great bands in Scandinavia at the moment (The War Goes On, Castro, Mary’s Kids amongst others) and these 2 from Norway really hit the spot. Great female fronted punk from Lucky Malice but it’s Danger!Man I have selected. You can download their back catalogue free from their webpage – – or buy via Boss Tuneage. This is the opening track ‘Crash and Burn’.

Epic Problem/The Slow Death – split ep (Brassneck)

Another split ep here and all 4 tracks have been played on the show. Epic Problem play melodic and angry streetpunk and hail from Derbyshire. Minneapolis band The Slow Death play in a similar style making this a very well balanced release. Hard to pick a fave – I love all four – so I have gone for the one with the video. ‘Skin Crawl’.

G.L.O.S.S. ‘Trans Day Of Revenge’ EP (Sabotage)

From Washington and quite simply the angriest, most energetic, vital, vibrant and important band around. This is NYPD from their bandcamp with vinyl imminent. You need this almost as much as the world needs them. This track is ‘We Live’. Essential.

Ship Thieves ‘No Anchor’ (No Idea)

This lp came out just as Pulsebeat was starting and it has been great to see over the weeks since how people have warmed to it. Not a weak track on it and now in the collection of most of the listeners who chat in the room. This is the opening track ‘Middle Man’ but most of this lp has been played on the show. Available from Different Kitchen – hope they tour over here soon.

No Problem ‘Already Dead’ (Taken By Surprise)

Currently out of press in Europe (although you can still find their debut lp) this Canadian band are a Pulsebeat staple. Everything they have recorded is top quality energetic catchy punk – a great band in every sense of the word and always popular when I play them. This track is ‘Different Shades Of Grey’

Hot Mass ‘Nervous Tensions’ (Brassneck)

Cardiff band Hot Mass play fast, energetic, catchy punk and are a band to look out for. This is their debut album and came out just a few weeks ago. NYPD from Brassneck bandcamp or duck egg blue vinyl. This track is ‘Action At A Distance’.

Dark Thoughts ‘S/T’ (Identity Crisis)

From Philadelphia these guys are not re inventing the wheel with their Ramones inspired short and snappy songs but do it very well. Great to see that this lp finally has some UK distribution through Drunken Sailor. This is my favourite track and the first I played by them (to zero response !) back in May. ‘Identity Crisis’

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