Friday, 30 January 2015

The Shocks - Banned From The USA

   The Shocks were a German band who played a '77 era flavour of punk rock. They got together in winter of '95 in Hallejan, initially playing covers of songs by the likes of The Damned, Ramones and Slaughter & The Dogs but soon progressed to writing their own material, debuting with the Too Many Kicks 7" in 1996. Non English speakers, their vocals were in their native tongue. Following their Holiday On Zyklon Bay and Anti-Scene - Fehlpressung 2000 7"'s they released a debut album, More Cuts For You in Zero 2. This was followed a year later with album number two, Bored To Be In Zero 3.
   Around this time they were due to tour America's west coast with The  Briefs (with whom they released a split single) and The Epoxies but they were sent back to Germany by Seattle immigration officers. One good thing to come out of this episode was the single Banned From The USA which you can find below......

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